Huck Finn- Ch. 30-42

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Huck Finn  

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What were the names of Tom Sawyer's Aunt and Uncle?
Sally and Silas Phelps
How did Huck run into them?
He went to their farm because they had Jim
Who do Huck and Tom pretend to be.
Huck is Tom and Tom is Sid
What happens to the Duke and the King
They try their royal nonesuch in Pikesville but they are tarred and feathered
Where is Jim?
He was turned in by the Duke and King and was staying in the Phelp's slave house.
What is Huck's plan of escape?
steal the keys, get Jim, and go down the river in the canore
what is wrong with the plan?
It does not have enough style and it is not what they do in the books
Things that are a part of Tom's plan.
digging with spoons, sawing the bed leg, keeping a journal with a shirt and blood, write on a grindstone with a spoon, write escape messages on tin plates, make a sheet ladder, put snakes, rats, and spiders into cabin, water plants with tears, make a coat of arms, write an anonymous letter, dress in mother's clothes.
How do Huck and Tom get stuff to Jim?
Sneaking it in at night, in a pie, in Aunt Sally's apron, tried Uncle Silas' hat and pants.
What is disturbing the Phelps?
The anonymous letters saying how a gang was going to steal their slave, the skull in blood, the stealing of candles, spoons, a shirt, a sheet, and many more things.
What happens to Huck the night of the escape?
He goes down to get butter for their lunch and gets caught by Aunt Sally. She puts him in a room with a bunch of farmers with guns. She finally lets him go to his room and then he goes to the slave house.
What happens to Tom after the escape?
He was shot in the calf so they have to get a doctor.
How are Huck, Tom, and Jim found?
Huck runs into Uncle Silas and says Tom is at the post office. finally Tom comes home after a couple of days with the doctor and Jim. Jim had to reveal himself from the woods because Tom was doing well and the doctor needed help.
Who is Tom's mother and why is she there too?
Aunt Polly is there because she got a letter from Aunt Sally saying how Tom and Sid were there and that wasn't right. She wrote back but nobody answered so she came to see what was going on.
What does Aunt Polly say to fill them in?
That Miss Watson died and let Jim be a free slave in her will
Why did Tom do this escape plan if he knew this?
He wanted an adventure but took it too far because became dangerous.
What happens to Huck and his dad at the end of the story.
Huck's dad was the dead man in the floating house and Aunt Sally wanted to adopt Huck but Huck just wanted to run away.
what is the criticism of the third part of this novel?
It is too coincidental that the Phelps were related to Tom Sawyer and that he was coming to visit the same day that Huck arrived. Jim's rescue was too long and drawn out. Huck and Jim regress as characters because they always caved in to Tom's plans.
Huck as the realist and Tom as the romantic
Twain is satarizing romanticism. Tom creates adventure and danger from books her reads. Huck faces real life dangers and obstacles.
How are Huck and Jim heroic?
They are both outcast whom society does not accept. Huck is heroic because of his kindness, goodness, slef-reliance, and changing attitude about Jim. Jim is heroic because he protected Huck and Tom and he missed his family
aspects of naturalism
Mississippi river as indiferent and Huck and Jim trapped by their situation
aspects of regionalism
Mississippi river, dialect, river towns, real places (st. louis, Cairo), the feud, attitudes and actions of the people of the time and place (slavery)
aspects of realism
all of the above and also Huck's moral struggle, details of the journey, believable characters and events (abusive father in Pap), and depiction of human nature (greed, hpocracy, and cruelty, but some goodness)
Why could the book be seen as racist?
Twain depicts the people's attitudes which are racist, use the word nigger more than 200 times, depiction of Nat and even Jim sometimes ase foolish, idiotic, and always talking about witchcraft. this book has been banned from schools and can be offensive to people because nigger is refering to blacks as slaves and lesser than whites.
Why could the book be seen as non-racist?
he uses the word nigger because thats what people said back then and was painting a realistic picture, the main character is black and heroic, Huck changes his attitude about Jim, and Twain uses satire against slavery and slave owners.
Why is this novel a classic?
It is 125 years old, you will not forget the characters over time, it has universal themes (growing up and predudice) depiction of time and place is very well done, and people are still reading beyond its own time.