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In the late 1830s, John Deere and his competitors improved life for farmers by introducing
the “singing plow” with a wrought iron moldboard and hardened steel cutting edge.
By 1840, Cincinnati had become the nation’s center for
hog slaughter and pork packing.
Southerners commonly referred to slavery as their
“peculiar institution.”
Industrial employers of the early 1800s commonly approached workers in a spirit of
protective paternalism
In 1834 and 1836, Lowell textile mills witnessed
employee strikes protesting against wage cuts and fee increases.
The phrase “Manifest Destiny” reflected a belief that
the US was headed for greatness, with a right to expand across the continent
After Anglo-American rebels declared in independence and defeated Santa Anna in 1836
Jackson balked at annexing Texas, due to slavery issues and fear of war with Mexico
The Wilmot Proviso, proposed in 1846 by Representative David Wilmot, stipulated that
slavery should be banned in any territory the US might acquire from Mexico
In the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
the US paid Mexico $15 million in return for New Mexico, California, and agreement on a Texas boundary at the Rio Grande.
As originally suggested in the Omnibus Bill of 1850, compromise proposals included all of the following except
admitting New Mexico as a slave state