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The Christian crusaders were indirectly responsible for the discovery of America because they
brought back news of valuable Far Eastern spices, drugs, and silk
Which group was responsible for slave trading in Africa long before the Europeans had arrived?
the Arabs and Africans
After his first voyage, Christopher Columbus believed that he had
sailed to the outskirts of the East Indies
Within a century after Columbus's landfall in the New World, the Native American population was reduced by nearly
90 percent
The treatment of the Native Americans by the Spanish conquistadores can be described as
at times brutal and exploitative
The guarantee that English settlers in the New World would retain the "rights of Englishmen" proved to be
the foundation for American liberties
The native peoples of Virginia (Powhatans) succumbed to the Europeans because they
all of the above
Under the Barbados slave code of 1661, slaves were
denied the most fundamental rights
The colony of South Carolina prospered
by developing close economic ties with the British West Indies
Georgia's founders were determined to
create a haven for people imprisoned for debt
King James I opposed the Separatists who wanted to break away entirely from the Church of England because he
realized that if his subjects could defy him as their spiritual leader, they could defy him as their political leader
People who flouted the authority of the Puritan clergy in Massachusetts Bay were subject to which of the following punishments?
all of the above
The New England Indians' only hope for resisting English encroachment lay in
intertribal unity against the English
As a result of England's Glorious Revolution in 1688,
all of the above
Indian policy in early Pennsylvania can be best described as
English workers who agreed to exchange their labor temporarily in return for payment of their passage to an American colony were called
indentured servants
The majority of African slaves coming to the New World
were delivered to South America and the West Indies
After 1680, reliance on slave labor in colonial America rapidly increased because
all of the above
The Half-Way Covenant
admitted the unconverted children of existing members to baptism but not full membership
Compared with most seventeenth-century Europeans, Americans lived in
affluent abundance
The most ethnically diverse region of colonial America was __________, whereas __________ was the least ethnically diverse
the middle colonies, New England
The riches created by the growing slave population in the American South
were not distributed evenly among whites
The major manufacturing enterprise in colonial America in the eighteenth century was
One feature of the American economy that strained the relationship between the colonies and Britain was the
growing desire of Americans to trade with other nations in addition to Britain
In colonial America, education was most zealously promoted
in New England