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Why did the Lusitania sink so fast?
book - boiler exploded
professor - 4.2 mil rds of rifle ammo
Who called the sinking of the Lusitania "an act of piracy" and demanded war?
Teddy Roosevelt
Who resigned from the Wilson admin? Why?
Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan. Fearful the demand of Wilson's notes for Germany to stop sinking ships etc, would lead to war.
What was American foreign policy like between 1901 and 1920?
aggressive and nationalistic
Where did the US intervene, and what did it dominated in the early 20th century?
Europe, Far East, and Latin America.

What did Teddy Roosevelt do with the US Navy while in office?
doubled the strength of the navy
How did Roosevelt get "help" from Panama in "seizing" territory in Panama for a canal?
Roosevelt supported a Panamanian revolt from Colombia. Panama granted the construction of the canal
How did Latin America feel about Roosevelt's actions regarding Colombia and the canal to be built in Panama?
angered many. 
What policy did the US develop to ensure its dominance in the Caribbean?
established protectorates over some countries and subsidized others to keep them dependent
What was the "Roosevelt Corollary?"
policy warned Latin American nations to keep their affairs in order (many were in debt to European nations) or face American intervention
What did Roosevelt do so that Japan would not think the US was weak?
sent 16 battleships of new American fleet around the world, stopping in Tokyo
What was "dollar diplomacy?"
Pres Taft and Secretary of St Philander Knox promoted American financial and business interests abroad
By 1917, where were US troops "protecting" nations in the Caribbean?
Nicaragua, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba
What did Wilson say Latin American nations had to do to win American recognition?
exercise power and reflect "a just gov't based upon law, not upon arbitrary or irregular force"
Why did Wilson intervene in Mexico?
thought that General Victoriano Huerta was a "buther" and refused to recognize him. desired to only help Mexico achieve political and agrarian reform. 
Did Wilson's Mexico policy and actions achieve anything?
What 3 anti-war organizations were started by progressives like Jane Addams?
American Union Against Militarism, League to Limit Armament, Woman's Peace Party
What relatively new weapon strained the guidelines of international law?
u-boats, Unterseeboot
What happened to the Falaba? Why did it anger Wilson?
British liner that was torpedoed and American died. Wilson stood by international law
What happened to the Sussex? What was the Sussex pledge?
u-boat torpedoed unarmed French channel steamer, Sussex without warning. Germany promised to shoot on sight only ships of the enemy's navy and not passenger or merchant ships.
What did Wilson do in late 1915 that upset many peace-minded progressives?
approved large increases in the army and navy
What was Wilson's campaign slogan as he sought re-election?
"He kept us out of war"
What did the German ambassador tell the Wilson admin on Jan. 31, 1917?
u-boats would sink on sight all ships - passenger or merchant, neutral or belligerent, armed or unarmed - in the waters around England and France
What did Congress pass in May, 1917, and what did this legislation do?
Selective Service Act, providing for the registration of all men between the ages of 21 and 30 (later changed to 18 and 45) for the draft
How many Americans died in WWI, counting losses in battle plus losses from disease?
more than 112,000
What did the Espionage Act of 1917 do?
imposed sentences of up to 20 yrs in prison for persons found guilty of aiding the enemy, obstructing recruitment of soldiers, or encouraging disloyalty
What did the Trading-with-the-Enemy Act of 1917 do?
authorized the gov't to censor the foreign language press
What did the Sedition Acot of 1918 do?
imposed harsh penalties on anyone using "disloyal, profane, scurrious, or abusive language" about the govt, flag, or armed forces uniforms.
What was the "Red Scare" of 1919?
intense outbreak of national alarm concerning the spread of communism
What was the result of WIlson sending 15,000 troops into the Soviet Union?
hoped to bring down the Bolshevik gov't, fearful it would spread revolution around the world, soured Russian-American relations for decades
How many new agencies were set up by Wilson and Congress to run the economy during WWI?
nearly 5000
What did the War Industries Board do?
oversaw production of all American factories
What did the Food and Fuel Admins do?
Food - supply food to armies overseas, convinced people to save food, fixed prices, bought and distributed wheat, plant "victory gardens.
Fuel - introduced daylight saving time, rationed coal and oil, imposed gasless days
What did the Railroad Admin do?
dictatated rail traffic, standardizing rates, limiting passenger travel, speeding arms shipments
What did the War Labor Board do?
standardized wages and hours and protected the right of labor to organize and bargain collectively
What two new independent nations with German speaking populations were created by the Treaty of Versailles?
Poland and Czechoslovakia
How much did Germany have to pay in reparations?
$33 billion