History 1302 - Exam 1 - Chapter 19

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American History 1301 - Exam 1 - Chapter 19

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What was the lure of the city in the late 19th century?
giltter and excitement, friends and relatives, greater opportunities for jobs and higher wages
What were some of the innovations that made the city amazing?
skyscrapers, elevators, streetcars, 
What was housing like in the late 19th/early 10th centuries?
dumbbell tenements, overcrowding, poverty, cities stank because of horse manure and privies
Why did millions of immigrants pour into America in the late 19th century?
unemployment, food shortages, threats of war
What were their neighborhoods and city life like for immigrants?
usually very different from old traditions. different language. new set of customs. spoke native tongue. set up churches and schools. 
What new foods were Americans introduced to in the late 19th century?
cereal, ice cream, bananas, Coca-Cola
What happened to health care in the late 19th century?
Louis Pasteur discovery that germs cause infection and disease - led to vaccines. Infant mortality declined. Surgery became safer and painless. 
What cause did women rally around in the 1870's?
suffrage (right to vote), temperance (anti-alcohol), anti-war, birth control
What new forms of leisure and entertainment did Americans begin to enjoy in the late 19th century?
baseball, football, basketball, boxing, board games, stereopticon (slide projector), croquet, bicycle tournaments, circus, fairs, balloon ascensions, horse racing
Who was Susan B. Anthony, and what cause did she fight for?
veteran of many reform campaigns. womens right to vote (suffrage)
What were the Civil Rights Cases?
Court ruled that the 14th Amendment barred state gov'ts from discriminating on account of race but did not prevent private individuals or organizations.