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Daily Operations Report
summarizes the hotels financial activities during a 24 hour period
Rooms Division Budget Report
Includes both monthly and year-to-date variances for all budget items
House count
A ten-day forecast used to prepare food and beverage, banquet, and catering operations. It includes the expected number of guests
Room Status discrepancy - who does it occur between?
Housekeeping and Front desk
Daily transcript
A detailed report of guest accounts that summarizes and updates those guest account that had transactional activity on that particular day
Master Folio
accounts assigned to more than one person or guestroom; usually reserved for group accounts
High balance report
an account that approaches its credit limit
Occupancy Report
lists rooms occupied that night and indicates guests who are expected to check out the following day
Housekeeping Status Report - how is it used by the front desk?
the front desk registers guests who arrive early and keeping the report updated helps coordinate front desk and housekeeping
Area Inventory Lists
1.       a list for housekeeping for developing cleaning procedures, training plans, and inspection checklists. Items in a guestroom may appear on an inventory list
Performance Standards
Standards required for quality levels of performance
Frequency Schedule 
made up of housekeeping’s deep cleaning program that should be transferred to a calendar plan and scheduled as special cleaning projects
Productivity Standards
determines the acceptable quantity of work to be done by department employees
Overdue account
accounts older than 30 days
Delinquent Account
accounts older than 90 days
uncollectible account
accounts that won't be collected
Small hotels have __daily rate, __no shows, __ average occupancy
high, low, high
Large hotels have __daily rate, __no shows, __ average occupancy
high, low, high
Who oversees the scheduling of housekeepers? Who determines their cleaning responsibilities?
Executive housekeeper, general manager
What can you use the guest history file for?
Marketing, it gives you their name, address and phone number
Recycled inventories
laundry, dishes, irons and blowdryers
Non recycled inventories
soap, food, plastic cups, cleaning supplies
How can you minimize late checkouts?
put the check out time on the back of the door, next to the alarm clock
For housekeeping, which report is used to schedule rooms for cleaning?
Occupancy report from previous day
What is the process in posting no show charges?
Make sure they didn’t cancel. Make sure it was a guaranteed reservation otherwise the customer shouldn’t be charged. Make sure they’re here. Registered under the correct name(same last names). make sure the person didn’t accidentally make a double reservation