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"Good Haircuts" begin with understanding what?
The Shape of the head.
"                       " in haircutting is the amount of pressure applied when combing and holding a subsection of hair with your fingers.
                                             during haircutting reduces strain on the Index finger and thumb.
Palming the shears
A                    is a "section" of hair that determines the length that the hair will be cut at.
The                              shape has a stacked area around the exterior and is cut at low to medium elevation.
Graduated Haircut
The inner or internal part of the cut.
"Interior" guideline
                        occurs when to lift any section of hair above 0 degrees.
To divide the hair in two parts, take a                         part that runs from the front hairline to the nape dividing the head in two.
It is the direction in which the hair grow from the scalp.
AKA- Natural fall/natural falling position.
Growth Pattern
When cutting the hair, what do we take into consideration when determining the size of the subsection?
When                                     we remove our thumb from the thumb grip, leaving our ring and little fingers in the grip and finger rest.
Palming the shears
The hair parted into working areas called                    for control during haircutting.
Part hair from the center of the forehead to the center of the nape, then part from the crown down to the ears.
4 parts
To create clean lines around the perimeter on mens haircuts and short haircuts on women.
Two or more lines that do not meet in space.
Parallel Line
The space between two lines or surfaces that intersect at a given point.
By always maintaining an even amount of moisture in the hair with water, while cutting.
Avoiding an uneven haircut
What shears are used to remove bulk from the hair?
Thinning shears
What tool do we use to create a very short taper quickly?
What part of the cutting shears do we use when using the notching or pointing technique to create texture in the hair?
When we form a                                     in our haircut, cutting one part or section with light tension and another section with heavy tension.
Weight Line
How can you mistakenly create a "poorly blended haircut?"
Blunt Cutting