Gravity And Motion, Newton's Laws Of Motion And Momentum.

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What are the affects of gravity and air resistance?
Gravity pulls down the objects falling, and air resistance slows down the acceleration of the falling object.
Who was the scientist that argued that the mass of an object does not affect the acceleration of the gravity?
Galileo Galilei was the scientist that argued that the mass of an object does not affect the acceleration of the gravity.
What three factors affect the air resistance?
The size, shape and speed affect the air resistance.
Why don't space shuttle astronaut in orbit hit their heads on the ceiling of a falling shuttle?
It is because that the astronauts and the space shuttle are both in free fall. 
What is centripetal force? 
Centripetal force is a force which causes an object to orbit in a circular path.
What is terminal velocity?
Terminal velocity is when the velocity is constant.
What is the formula for acceleration?
F/m or for using velocity -> (final velocity - initial velocity)/time
What is inertia?
The tendency of a moving object, to move.
What is Newton's first Law of Motion?
An object in rest, will remain in rest, and an object in motion, will stay in motion in a constant velocity unless an unbalanced force is acted on it.
What is Newton's second Law of Motion?
Acceleration depends on the mass of the object and the force applied on it.
What is Newton's third Law of Motion?
When an object exerts a force on the second object, the second object exerts an equal and opposite force on the first object.
What is the formula for momentum?
What is the Law of Conservation of Momentum?
When two objects collide, the total momentum stays the same before and after the collision.
Why is a heavier object harder to accelerate?
Heavier objects are harder to accelerate because you need to apply more force on the object.
Why don't action and reaction force cancel each other out?
They don't cancel out because they act on different objects.
What happens when two objects stick together after a collision?
The mass of the moving object increases, therefore the velocity decreases. 
Does two object with different masses but same size and shape fall at the same rate in earth/space?
In earth, the heavier object would fall faster than the lighter object because the air resistance slows down the lighter on more. In space though, they fall at the same rate because there is NO air resistance.
Does gravity affect vertical or horizontal motion in a projectile motion?
Gravity affects vertical motion. 
Does the horizontal motion change its velocity?
No, because there is no force affecting the horizontal motion. 
Why can friction make observing Newton's first Law of Motion, difficult?
Friction stops the motion of a moving object. Therefore, it is hard to observe Newton's first Law of Motion which states that an object in motion in motion in a constant velocity.