Grade 5 1st Periodical Test Online Reviewer

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Grade 5 1st Periodical Test Online Reviewer

This Will Be For The Review Of My Pupils In Grade 5.

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It is the organ that produces the sperm cells.
Testis or testes
It is the pouch of skin that holds the two testis together.
It is the part above the testis where the sperm cells are stored.
It is the female sex cell that is released only once a month.
Egg Cell
It is the part in the female human body where the fertilized egg cell will soon develop.
It is the stage between childhood and being teenagers when a lot of body changes are occuring to both males and females. 
These are various diseases that can be spread through unhealthy sexual habits.
Sexually-Transmitted Diseases or STDs
It is described as cramps of the uterus walls during menstruation.
What gases do we take in and out during respiration?
We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.
It is the part in the respiratory system where gas exchange takes place.
Where does our voice come from?
The vocal cords in the Larynx 
These are two features we can find inside the nasal cavity that will help in trapping dirt particles.
Mucus and Cilia
It is the muscle that causes our lungs to inhale and exhale.
It is the group of organs that removes urea and salts from the body.
Urinary System
They serve tiny filters of the blood.
Which tube carries the urine out of the body?
It is a toxic substance that is removed by the kidneys from the blood.
It is the system of the body that is responsible for removing wastes in the body.
Excretory System
It secretes a fluid that neutralizes the acidity of the vagina so that the sperm cells can survive longer inside the vagina.
Prostate gland
It is a part of the male reproductive system that secretes a fluid that serves as lubricant and urine neutralizer.
Cowper's gland