G&R Key Works Exam 2

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G&R Key Works Exam 2

Greek Roman 

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Eirene and Ploutos 
Late Classical375-370
Aphrodite of Knidos
Late Classical 350
Hermes with the Infant Dionysus
Relief Sculptures from Halikarnassus
Late Classical353
Pelike Vase
Late Classical4th Cent
Mosaic of Defeat of Darius III of Persia from House of Pompeii
Late ClassicalBefore 79 AD
Choragic Monument of Lysicrates
Late Classical 334 BC
Barbarini Faun
Hellenistic220 BC
Sleeping Hermaphrodite
Old Market Woman
Hellenistic2nd cent BC
The Laocoon
Hellenistic2nd-1st cent BC
Altar of Zeus at Pergamon
Hellenistic188 BC
Gigantomachy reliefs at Altar of Zeus at Pergamon
Hellenistic188 BC
Temple of Apollo at Didyma
Hellenistic330 BC
TEmple of Apollo at Veii
ETruscan510 BC
Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus
Wall Painting at Tome ob Hunting and Fishing
Etruscanlate 6th cent BC
Sarcophagus from Cerveteri
ETruscan520 BC
Apollo from Veii
Chimera of Arezzo
Temple of Fortuna Paeneste
Republican Roman180-120 BC
Temple of Fortuna Virilis
Republican Roman125-120 BC
TEmple of Vesta at Tivoli
Republican Roman80 BC
Temple of Neptune Suovetaurilla Processional Frieze
RR100 BC
Temple of NEptune Frieze of NEptune and Amphitrite
RR100 BC
Portrait of Pompey the Great
SAmnite House Wall Paintings
RR200-100 BC
Odyssey LAndscape Frescoes
RR1st cent BC
Pont du Gard
ARlate 1st cent AD
Theater of Marcellus in Rome
Augustus of Primaporta
Ara Pacis Augustae
AR13-9 BC
Mother Earth Relief Sculpture, Ara Pacis Augustae
AR13-9 BC
Imperial FAmily procession relief
AR13-9 BC
Wall Paintings of Columns and Pediment from Villa at Boscotrecase
AR33-1 BC