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Explain and be able to give examples of the three major political concepts that early British Immigrants brought to America
Ordered GovernmentLimited GovernmentRepresentative Government
Ordered Government
Anarchy does not existCreated a sherif, justice of peace, etc
Limited Government
The people give the government certain amounts of power
Representative Government
People select officials to represent them
What were the three legislative branches?
Royal, Proprietary, Corporate/Charter
How was the legislative branch set up under Royal?
The King decides the governor (who answers to the king)BICAMERAL (two houses)
How was the legislative branch set up under Proprietary?
(Someone does a favor for the king, king gives them a title) The Proprietor chose the governor.
How was the legislative branch set up under Corporate/Charter
Self governing colony.White male property owners elected their own governors.
List the New England Colonies
Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut , and Rhode Island
List the Middle Colonies
Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania
List the Southern Colonies
Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia
What were 3 outcomes of the 1st Continental Congress as a result of the Intolerable Acts?
1. Drew up Declaration of Rights (Which they sent to King George III)2. Formed "The Association" (A group of merchants that boycotted against the British)3. Set a date to meet in Philadelphia on May 10, 1775 if Parliament did not repeal the Intolerable Acts.
What were 3 outcomes of the 2nd Continental Congress as a result of the British King not meeting their demands?
1. Sent another letter to King George stating that they were loyal to him, but they should have the right to manage their own affairs.2. Organized an army to defend themselves.3. Chose a comander to lead the army (George Washington)
What body was considered our first national government and why?
The Second Continental Congress served as our first national government for 5 years.John Handcock was the president of this Second Continental Congress
 By raising armies, directing strategy, appointing diplomats, and making formal treaties, the Congress acted as the National Government
What was the purpose of the Declaration of Independence and who wrote it?
Thomas Jefferson wrote it. It was written to express the reasons of why they were declaring war on Great Britain.Signed on July 4, 1776
What were the four main features in the first state constiutions?
1. Popular Sovereignty- People are Supreme2. Limited Government- The people limit the governments power.3. Civil Rights and Liberties.4. Separation of Powers/ Checks and Balances- To ensure that one branch of the government doesn't become stronger than the other two.
What were the Articles of Confederation?
They were established to form a "firm league of friendship" among the states.
When did the Articles of Confederation appear?
Appeared on November 15, 1777, and were approved on March 1, 1781
What were the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation?
1. No power to tax2. No power to enforce states to obey laws passed by congress3. No power to regulate trade between states4. Could only pass laws if 9 of the 13 states agreed5. Amend only if unanimously
What was the structure of Government under the Articles of Confederation?
1. Congress is the only branch2. Unicameral Legislature3. Executive and Judicial Functions handled by Congressional Committee4. President of Congress chosen by Legislature
What are the Powers of Congress under the Articles of Confederation
1. Make war and peace2. Make treaties3. Borrow money4. Set up menetary System (needed common currency)5. Raise Army/ Navy6. Settle Disputes of States
When and where was the Constitutional Convention held?
Held in Philidelphia in Independence Hall, on May 25, 1787
Which colony never sent a representative to the convention?
Rohode Island never sent a representative because they believed without a unanimous vote, the Articles of Confederation could not be dissolved.
What was the original purpose of the Convention?
To REVISE the articles of confederation
Who is referred to as the "father of the constitution"
James Madison because he took notes during the Constitutional Convention
Explain the legislative branch under the Virginia Plan
Bicameral (Upper and Lower house)States will have a certain number of representatives according to their population.
Explain the legislative branch under the New Jersey Plan
UnicameralEqual representation, each state has one delegate and one vote. 
Explain the legislative branch under the Connecticut Compromise
BicameralUpper house- everyone gets equal representation, each state will have 1 vote and 1 delegate.Lower House- How much representation is determined by the population of the state.
Explain the legislative branch under the Grand Committee Compromise
BicameralUpper House- 2 votes per state, 2 delegateLower House- Amount of representation determined by the states population.In essance this becomes the Constitution 
Three-fifths compromise
When determining number of representatives in the House according to a states population, slaves would count as 3/5 of a person.
Commerce and Slave Compromise
Created in favor of slaveholders, made it so congress was forbidden the power to tax the export of goods from any states. It was also forbidden the power to act on the slave trade for 20 years.
Which characteristic of the U.S. Constitution most angered the Anti-Federalists?
It lacked a Bill of Rights
Which state was the first to ratify the US constitution?
The ratification of which state made the US constitution the law of the land?
New Hampshire
Why was the ratification of the US Constitution so crucial in New York and Virginia
It was crucial that these two states ratified the Constitution because they were such key states, without their support the government couldn't hope to succeed 
Which state was the last to ratify the US Constitution
Rhode Island
In what year did the US constitution become the law of the land?
September 13, 1788
Where was the first capital of the United States?
New York, George Washington took the oath there.
What was the difference between Richard Henry Lee and James Madison?
Richard Henry Lee was an Anti Federalist while James Madison was a Federalist.
What would happen if Washington didn't attend the Constitutional Convention?
The delegates that were invited would have left
What was the difference between the General Assembly and the Committee voting?
Voting in general assembly is binding, you may only vote once, compared to voting in the committee, where voting is non-biding, you may vote more than once.
Rules of voting in convention were
You need at least 2 delegates in Philedelphia in order for that state's vote to count.
First Compormise in this Country
The Constitution
All states had their own Bill of Rights, and in three years
the Ultimate Bill of Rights would e added for all states
Strong Central GovernmentNot a lot of power for the State
Believed in state sovereignty (states should be supreme)
Federalist Papers
Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay
What day does a Presidential Election take place?
The tuesday following the first monday in November
Two House
One House
Delagates at the Constitutional Convention
July 4, 1776
Independence Day, the day the Declaration was adpoted
Refusal to buy or sell certain products or services. (The Association)
Popular Sovereignty
Government can exist only with the consent of the governed
Formal Approval