GMAT Math : Basic Rules For Maths

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This Set Of Card Contains Some Basic Rules To Remember For Maths Questions. Some Rules Are Very Simple, But Still Nice For Revision.

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What is Even x Even ?
What is Even x Odd ?
Odd x Odd = ?
Even + Even = ?
Even + Odd = ?
Odd + Odd = Even
In a right triangle with two 45 degree angles, what are the ratios?
s: s : square root of 2
In a right triangle, if two sides are 7 and 25, what's the third?
In a right triangle 30:60:90 degree angles, what are the ratios of the sides?
a: 2a: a X square root of 3
In a right triangle with sides 15 and 36, how much is the third side?
39 (it's a 5: 12: 13 triangle)
What happens when you divide an isoceles triangle in half down the middle?
You get a 30: 60: 90 triangle with sides of a, 2a and a x square root of 3
Area of a square based on diagonal is?
1/2 d squared
To find the interior angle of any polygone use what formula?
(n-2) X 180 degrees
Volume of a cube =
e cubed
volume of a rectangular solid =
l X w x h
volume of a cylinder =
(PI X r-squared) X height
total surface area of a cylinder
circumference X height + 2 (pi X r-squared)
What is the third side if a triangle is 36: 45 ?
What is the diagonal of a square side of 64?
64 x square root 2
Total surface area of a cube
Length of an arc is?
(2 x pi-r)* x/360 circumference * fraction of the circle
If J can paint a house in six days and E can paint it in 8, how long will it take working together?
x/6 + x/8 = 1
What's the avg among a sequence of equally spaced numbers?
The median
The surface area of a cylinder is
2-pi-squared + 2-pi X radius X height
volume formula for a cylinder
V = pi X r-squared X height