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The flat-lying area surrounding a river channel is termed the ____________
flood plain
Available data suggests that actively evolving stream channels are present on _____________
Earth and Titan
Ephemeral streams _______________
have flowing water either episodically or during only a portion of the year
Grain size generally ___________ in the downstream direction in rivers
Meandering streams ______________
have a channel that is highly sinuous (curvy)
Saltation refers to _______________
the transport of coarse material in the bed load by hopping and sliding
Within a meander, where is sediment most likely to be deposited?
on the inner bank
A meander that is cut off to become completely isolated from the main channel, and which dries up, is a(n) ____________
abandoned meander
Rivers generally decrease in slope with increasing distance from the drainage divide.
Braided streams ____________
consist of a series of intertwined channels that are overloaded with sediment