GCSE History: American West

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Some Revision Cards I Made On The American West (GCSE)....yeah, That's It Pretty Much.
NOTE: Still A Work In Progress.

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What was the Native American religious view towards 'Spirits'?
- They believed that all things had 'spirits' and that there was a 'Great Spirit' called Waken Tanka by the Sioux.
What was the Native American view towards land?
-Some land was sacred to the Natives, particularly land in 'high places', and example being The Black Hills of Dakota for the Sioux.-The Natives took their dead for 'burial' at these sacred spots.-They believed that one could not own land, as it was 'part of life itself'.
What 'religious' 'ceremonies' did the Native Americans perform?
-The Natives took great interest in 'visions' and it was after one's 'first' vision that they became an 'adult'.-Dances were also important, these include the 'Sun Dance' which involved the participant cutting flesh from their bodies, and the 'buffalo dance'.