Florida Stateboard Cosmetology Exam Practice Test (Angel) Part 1

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Florida Stateboard Cosmetology Exam Practice Test (Angel) Part 1

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The study of the growth and structure of nails is known as
Etiology is the study of
The cause of a disease
Often referred to as the cuticle, it overlaps the lunula at the base of the nail:
Infection at the nail base, usually with pus, untreated can cause loss of the nail
Onychophagy refers to
Bitten nails
Onychia refers to a condition where
Inflammation at the base of the nailwith pus usually present
The technical term for bitten nails is
Tight shoes, or improper trimming of the toe nails,may results in:
Onychocryptosis/ingrown toe-nails
Onychocryptosis is a condition that may result from
Excessively tight shoe
A nail product used to smooth out and fill in minor depression in a client's nails is
Ridge filler
The nail is composed of a substance known as
The area from the nail root to the free edge, contain no blood vessels/nerves
nail plate/nail body
Portions of the nail assembly where the nail plate rests, contain blood vessels and nerves
nail bed
The point where the nail enters the skin at the nail base is referred to as the
The tissue beneath the free edge of the nail is known as
Contains the blood, lymph, and nerves from which new nail cells are generated
nail matrix
This is the active tissue from which new nail cells are generated
nail matrix
The root and nail matrix are located  in this cup/pocket like structure
nail mantle
leuconychia is a condition that usually presents as
white spot/ streaks under the nails
The Latin / medical term for nails is
If a finger nail is lost / removed, approximately how long will it take to grow back
3 -6 months
If  lost / removed, how long will it take to grow a new plate/nail body
3-6 months
If a toe-nails is /removed, approximately how long will it take to grow back
9-18 months
If the technician causes bleediing to occur during a nail service, they should use
styptic powder/ powdered alum
  Once destroyed, which part of the nail will not grow again
The adhesive coat for polish is the
Base coat
Pumice powder is most commonly found in
Cuticle cream
If bleeding occurs during a manicure /pedicure use
Always file natural nails
corner to center
The technical term for a hang nail is
If artificial nails are lifting from the nail bed, this may cause
mold and infection
Cuticle cream will help prevent
Onychophagy may increase blood flow to the ____ and cause the nail to grow faster
nail matrix
This portion of the nail effect its shape,size, and rate of growth
A half-moon is at the base of the nail is known as
Oil or moisture under a nail enhancement may cause
Enhancement to lift/fall off
The largerest bone in the arm is known as
The correct order of application in polishing a client's nails would be
Base coat, enamel, top coat
This bone is found in the forearm and on the same side as the little finger
The bone is found in the forearm and on the same side as the thumb
When removing polish from artificial nails, use
non- acetone
When removing artificial nails or nail enhancements, use
Before performing any nail service, the nail tech should attempt to find out if the client
Is diabetic
What is the best manner in which to treat agnails
Hot oil manicure
When in use, how should manicuring/pedicuring implements be kept
On a clean towel
When not in use, manicure/pedicure implements should be stored in a
Closed container
These warts, caused by HPV Virus, are flat,hard, thick growths, usually occuring on the soles of the feet and sometimes look like a circle in a circle
Plantar warts
Nail beaches and lighteners usually contain
Hydrogen peroxide
Thickened white skin and watery blisters between the toes are indication of
Athlete's foot/ Tinea Pedis
Another name for Athlete foot is
Ringworm of the feet/Tinea Pedis
Watery blisters and thickened whitish skin between the toes, is known as
Tinea Pedis
If your client has brittle/dry nails or dry cuticles, what should you recommend?
Hot oil manicure
To avoid in grown toe-nails (onychocryptosis), do not file or clip
Into the corners of the nails
The instrument used for trimming the cuticle is a
A bacterial infection with pus at the nail matrix is known as
When giving a pedicure with a foot & leg massage, you should not massage over the
shin bone
For a natural effect, the shape of the finger nails should conform to the shape of the
client's finger
Most nail techs consider the ideal nail shape is
Onychophagy is the technical term for
bitten nail
When pushing back cuticle, how should the nail techhician hold the pusher
Angled with medium pressure
A semicircular fold of skin overlapping the nail plate on either side
Nail wall
To remove your client's acrylic nails, you should
Use a nippers to remove unwanted acrylic nails, then soak off remainder
Condition describes a forward growth of the cuticle covering most of the nail plate/body
Atrophyor wasting away  of the nail plate, may be the result of injury or disease
These are the tracks on both sides of the nail, through which it moves as it grows
This is the cuticle overlappin the lunula at he base of the nail
This is the skin surrounding, touching, and overlapping the nail on 3 sides
Nail shape reccomended for individuals who work on computer keyboard
The feild of medicine dealing specifically with the feet and related issue is
Portion of the nail extending beyond the end of the finger/toes, and protecting the tips
free edge
Cresent shape whitish area of the nail bed
This skin surrounds,touches, and overlaps the nail
The term used to indicate inflammation of the skin surrounding the nail plate/body
The fold of skin at the sides of the nail
The matacarpus/palm of the  hand contains how many long & slender bones
The carpus/ wrist contain how many bones
The tissue beneath of the distal end (free edge) of the nail and the finger or toe
Hyponychium refers to the
Skin under the free edge
The technical term for a "hangnail" is
The skin beneath/under the Free Edge of the nail
An inflammation at the base of the nail
What is the primary purpose of nail primer?
To improve adhesion
What can a nail tech use to smooth out imperfections in a client's natural nails?
Ridge filler
What is used to dry and harden gel nails
An ultra-violet lite
In the salon, nail techs often use styptic in this form to stop bleeding from minor cuts
powdered alum
What is the function of "primer" when applied during an artificial nail application?
to adhesion both sides nail and articial nail
The excessive heat often generated by electric nail sanders may harm the
nail plate
A steel nail pusher should only be used
On a moist nail
What effect will acetone have on a sculptured, artificial, or gel nail?
What is the function of a "dehydrator" when applied during an articial nail application
Absorb oil & moisture
This is found at the base of the nail often overlapping the lunula
The Latin/ medical/ technical term for nails
Very thin nails that are brittle and less flexible than usual are referred to as
Eggshell nails
Found at the nail base, may overlap the lunula and extend as far back as the first knuckle
This refer to the tissue that is found under the free edge of the nail
This is a deep fold of the skin within which the nail root & matrix are found
Contains many nerves and blood vessels
Nail bed
Wavy nail ridges, often the result of uneven growth due to injury, are known as
Nail tech will shape/file the nail prior to soaking in the nail bath, this is done because
filing dry nails is easier for nail tech filling damp nails is difficult
If the nail matrx is destroyed, what will occur
nail will not grow again
The nail matrix and nail root are found here
nail mantle
Functions as a barrier to stop bacteria/ infection from getting to the nail matrix
The cuticle overlapping the lunula is referred to as the
All nourishment is supplied to the nail from the
Nail root
Before the nail tech applies artificial nail enhancements, the natural nail must be
The improper use of nail nippers may result in
Very dry cuticles may result in which of the following
Agnails (hangnail)
A baterial infection of the tissue around the nail
The active ingredient in nail bleach or whiteners
H202 and Hydrogen peroxide
For the most natural look, the shape of the nail should conform to the shape
Which of the following will not cause nail fungus
Execessive primer
The pedicure process begins by
soaking the feet in a disinfectant footbath
When giving a manicure, the proper procedure for dealing with cuticles is
Do not cut unless client insists