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Regional fashion markets
Chicago and Atlanta
Regional fashion market centers
La,, Miami and Dallas
Unique because it is neither a regional fashion market center or a fashion market.
New York
The first major general merchandise mart was built in...
____ is still the center of fashion designing activities because it is the capital of cultural and fashion inspiration and information
New York City
The garment district in NYC is principally used today for...
Trade shows are usually held in...
Regional trading areas outside of major market areas. (eg. Magic in Vegas).
___ and ___ are often cites for trade shows.
Hotels and Civic Centers
Both ___ and ___ goods are shown at trade shows.
Foreign, Domestic
The _____ ______ is open to Paris designers only.
The Chambre Syndicale
Polices the industry to prevent misuse of creative design.
Chambre Syndicale
Provides service to the entire French fashion industry.
Chambre Syndicale
Members must present collections twice a year, (Jan/July) and with 75 garments or more.
Chambre Syndicale
To offset the decline in sales of Haute Couture apparel, couturiers have…
Entered the ready to wear business Established boutiques Entered into licensing agreements
The French equivalent to American ready to wear is...
the pret a porter.
___ and ___ are the most important market centers for British menswear.
London and Harrogate
___ ___ is the designer responsible for London’s reputation as the center for innovative apparel in the 1960’s.
Mary Quant
Buyers can visit a maximum number of resources in..
The course of a week.
Buyers receive personal attention from..
Sales reps
Currently, ____ is the fastest growing fashion capital.
The general stores of the american frontier evolved from...
Trading posts.
Department stores were able to compete successfully with chain organizations and did so by creating....
a parent organization large enough to sponsor centralized buying, distribution and merchandising.
Advantages of private label would include:
The store gains an extra measure in quality control The store has complete design control The store has more control of profits
Private label allows the retailer to...
Compete with designer labels.
A specialty store carries..
A limited line of merchandise.
Discount stores have the following characteristics:
Goods priced at less than retail Centralized check out counters High volume of sales Low overhead
A chain organization will most likely buy by...
Classification or category. Eg. A tops buyer.. A pants buyer.
The _____ gets a royalty fee for providing exclusive use of name, merchandise, and any corporate advertising in an exclusive trading area are the franchisee’s benefits. The organization, merchandising and training.
Discount operations run by manufacturers, they have grown dramatically in recent years:
They serve to eliminate overruns and seconds Prior to this, maufacturers and designers turned to off pricers.
Todays factory outlet stores are destinations
Less than 100 outlet centers nationwide in 1988 Almost 360 outlet centers across the US today
____ _____ Carry the ultimate narrow and deep selection, allowing for deep purchasing discounts which are passes on to the customer in the form of low prices (Halloween superstores)
Category Killers
_____ Will often carry merchandise considered to be more risky rather than safe and commercial. Showcase stores on Madison Avenue for designers are the latest trend.
______ ______ ______ ______   Are examples of non-store retailing.
Direct selling Catalogues TV shopping E-tailing
Retailers must...
Consistantly respond to change in the environment to succeed and flourish
Today the retail scene is dominated by..
retailers like target and sears.
A tourist shopping in London will probably visit..
A tourist shopping in new york will probably visit..
A tourist shopping in Paris will probably visit..
Le Printemps.
Retailers are the primary importers of:
foreign goods in the fashion industry.
A commissionaire can:
assist a buyer for a small retail store when buying in a foreign fashion center.
Specification buying is purchasing done...
to a store’s standards rather than a manufacturer’s standards.
Clothing manufacturer’s are the group most likely to..
support protectionist measures.
A resident buying office will:
keep member stores in touch with market conditions and provide support services. Donegar Group in NY is a good example
NAFTA eliminated quotas and tarriffs between:
the US, Canada and Mexico.
Carribbean Basin Initiative was a measure designed...
to protect US manuafacturers and encourage the growth of an export industry in Latin America.
Tariff Schedule 807 and 807A allowed manufacturers to:
ship fabric to another country where the clothes would be manufactured to shipped back to the US
Tarrif rate quota used to be applied to imported goods...
After a certain number had already entered the country.
The paid use of space or time in any medium is called:
When advertising, a manufacturer has control of the...
____ is free and voluntary mention of a firm, brand, product or person in any medium
this is free publicity reinforces the paid for advertising message:
When an advertiser in a magazine is also featured in the editorial pages
A public relations agency will:
Keep up to date on what is newsworthy about a client. Send press releases, photos and stories to various media Help the client provide a needed service or gift to the community Make it possible for clients to receive awards and honors
Public Relations work on:
improving a clients image with the target market and may develop long range plans and direction for this purpose.
___ ___ ___ was the forerunner of today’s fashion magazines
Godey's Ladys Book
DNR, Daily News Record
Trade Publication
Chain Store Age
Trade Publication
Trade Publication
Footwear News and Accessories
Trade Publication
____ is considered to be the largest fashion forecast company today
This is a trend forecast service online which requires a paid subscription for full access
Retail trade association that services the retail industry with information:
National Retail Federation NRF