Expresiones CON El Verbo Tener

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tener (once) años
to be (11) years old to have 11 years of age
tener calor
to be hot
tener cuidado
to be careful
tener en cuenta
to bear in mind to take into account
tener éxito
to be successful
tener frío
to be cold fridge
tener ganas de chocolate
to feel like
tener gracia Mr Bean
to be funny
tener hambre
to be hungry to have hunger
tener miedo
to be afraid of
tener paciencia
to be patient to have patience
tener prisa darse prisa
to be in a hurry
tener que hacer tengo que estudiar
to have things to do
tener que ver con
to have to do with to have to see with
tener razón
to be right
tener sed
to be thirsty
tener sueño
to be sleepy to be dream-y,
tener suerte
to be lucky
tengo que hacer el ejercicio
I have to do that exercise