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Anxiety may also underlie ____ and ____ disorders, where maladaptive behavior servers to reduce anxiety and discomfort.
dissociative; somatoform
Jarmin is a sports announcer, who has an overwhelming fear of flying. He will spend hours or days driving from coast to coast for a job and has even turned down jobs because he could not get to that job on time by taking the train or by traveling by car. The few times he has tried to get on a plane, he became dizzy and sick to his stomach. Jarmin would be diagnosed with
a specific phobia.
A person who is a frequent "checker," "cleaner," or "hand-washer" may have which disorder?
The eye movement desensitization and reprocessing technique was developed by
Francine Shapiro.
If you get praised by your parents for making A's in your college courses, the grades are
positive reinforcers.
Stimulus control is an operant conditioning procedure in which
responses come under the influence of the situation in which they occur.
Scolding misbehaving children in a classroom may actually increase misbehavior because of the
reinforcing effects of attention.
At Mary's school, the teachers reward the desirable behaviors of the students by giving them "good cards" for each behavior. The students can then exchange the cards at the school "store" on Friday for candy, toys, or special privileges. This school is utilizing a therapeutic program known as
a token economy.
Beck's approach that has been most effective in treating depression is
cognitive therapy.
Helen was the chairperson for her club's booth at the springfest event at her college. She spent weeks coordinating the work list and getting the prizes together. On the day of the event, a light rain began and there was not a big turn-out, but everyone there seemed to have had a good time. Helen thought the whole event was a "horrible" failure. According to Aaron Beck, Helen is exhibiting
all-or-nothing thinking.