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Explain how changes in an ecosystem can sometimes be helpful and sometimes harmful.
It helps the ecosystemwhen there are bad chemicals in the lakes and people put helpful chemicals to help the lake come back to its normal balance.
Why can populations of zebra mussels and garlic mustard grow so quickly in their new ecosystem?
They don't have any predators in their new ecosystem so the species grow more rapidly.
How do beaver ponds help the beaver? How do they affect other organisms
They protect the beaver from its predators. The water floods the other animals homes when it rains.
What are some characteristics that are determined by DNA? What are some characteristics that are influenced by the ecosystem?
Eye color, Height, Skin color, Hair color, and more. How they act andhow much they grow and more.
How are behavioral adaptations like structural adaptation? How are they different?
They both help you with what you do in life. One is known from birth and one has to be taught?
What are two reasons that an animal will not have the same DNA as its mother?
If there is a mutation in the DNA. The mutation spreds through the family tree. 
Explain how a species of mosquitoes can become adapted to having pesticides in their ecosystem.
They develop a bacteria that makes they stronger against the pesticides.
How do fossils teach us about extinction?
What was alive back then, how big they were, what they looked like and how they died.
Which is more likely to develop adapyations to a changing ecosystem: a population that often has many mutations or a population has few mutations?
A population that has more mutation.
What is the cause of the bald eagle population getting smaller?
People were killing the and DDT.