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Driving Test

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Excessive or uneven tyre wear can be caused by faults in what two things?
Braking system and Suspension
You are about to go down a steep hill.  To control the speed of your vehicle you should do what two things?
Select a low gear, use the brakes carefully
You are driving towards a train crossing.  What would be the first warning of an approaching train?
A Steady Amber light
A roof rack will cause what negative thing to happen? A heavy load on your roof rack will effect the vehicle how?
Increased fuel consumption reduce stability
under inflated tyres can cause..
heavy steering
What is different about toucan crossings?
peds and cyclists can cross here
Hills can affect the performance of your vehicle.  Which two apply when driving up steep hills?
-the engine will work harder - you will slow down sooner
You have broken down on a two way road.  You have a warning triangle.  You should place the triangle at least how far from your vehicle?
- 45 metres (147 feet)
Which two of the following will improve fuel consumption?
-reducing your road speed -planning well ahead
The road outside this school is marked with yellow zigzag lines.. what do they mean?  
you must not wait or park your vehicle here at all!
Why would you fit a stabiliser before towing a caravan?
It will help with stability when driving in crosswinds
Whilst driving, front tyre bursts.. You should:
-allow the vehicle to roll to a stop - grip the steering wheel firmly
Excessive or uneven tyre wear can be caused by faults in which of the following:
You wish to park in a 40mph zone which has traffic flowing in both directions. At night time, you should park:
On the left side of the road, with parking lights on  
When travelling on icy roads, how should you drive?
with the car in the highest gear available
Which of these emergency vehicles might have a blue flashing beacon
the coastguard, ambulence, police
Green flashing light is
You are towing a caravan and it starts to snake. How can you stop this from happening:
slow down gently
You are towing a caravan and it starts to snake. How can you stop this from happening:
slow down gently
What is the most common cause for a vehicle to skid:
driver makes a mistake
When must you NOT sound your horn
If you park on the road at night when should you use parking lights:
If the speed limit is greater than thirty
Ordinarily you would use dipped headlights at night. When MUST you use dipped headlights in the daytime:
when visibillity is poor
The fluid in your car's battery needs topping up. What should you use:
distilled water
If you tow a trailer you must ensure that it is hitched securely to the towing vehicle. You could use what as an extra precaution:
a breakaway cable
When a road dips you should not
If you have put too much oil in your engine what could happen:
could leak out
Some road signs give orders that must be obeyed. Usually these orders are:
Red circle
You are driving when you come across a pelican crossing that is flashing an amber light. This means that you must:
stop and give way to peds already in the crossing
You are involved with a collision where someone suffers a burn. What is the shortest time that a burn should be cooled for:
10 mins
You need to reverse into a side street. At what point is your car the biggest hazard to passing traffic:
as the front of your car swings out
What is the purpose of an Active Traffic Management scheme on a motorway
to prevent congesstion
It is compulsory to wear glasses or contact lenses when you are driving if:
67 feet 20.5 metres
triangular road sign's have what on them?
What is the purpose of a catalytic converter:
it reduces exhaust emmisson
It unsure it is safe to reverse onto a side road, what should you do?
get out of the vehicle to check there is no obstruction
It is illegal to drive under the influence of drugs. The effects of drugs last up to:
72 hours
You are driving at night with full beam headlights on. A vehicle is overtaking you. You should dip your lights:
as soon as the vehicle passes you 
Using a mobile phone is illegal. The chances of you having an accident when using one is:  
4 times
Missing out some gears when changing saves fuel. This is achieved by reducing:
If you have to park your car on a foggy day, you should: 
leave you sidelights on
Anti-lock brakes are very useful when you are:
Braking excessively
Signs on a motorway are what colour?
When approaching a contraflow system, you should:   
Choose an appropriate lane early
what is the nearest you can park towards a junction?
10 metres
what does MSM stand for?
mirrors, signal, manovoure
what would you do if you approach a solid white line that runs accross the width of your side of the road?
what is the minn tread depth on a car tyre?
what shape are warning signs?
at a puffin crossing what follows green?
-steady amber
What shape is a ROUNDABOUT sign?
You are driving along the motorway in the inside lane. You intend to turn left at the next available exit.  When should you signal left?
at the first count down marker (300 yds to go)
 What shape is a STOP sign?
What percentage of all emissions does road transport account for?
Your car is fitted with anti-lock brakes. You need to stop in an emergency.  You should
press the brake pedal promptly and firmly until you have stopped
Why are mirrors often slightly curved (convex)?
they give wider field of vision
How can you use the engine of your vehicle to control your speed?
by changing to a lower gear
You are driving down a steep hill. Why could keeping the clutch down or rolling in neutral for too long be dangerous?
your vehicle will pick up speed
Your vehicle breaks down on the hard shoulder of a motorway. You decide to use your mobile phone to call for help. You should
check your location from the marker posts on the left
You are driving on an urban clearway.  You may stop only to
set down and pick up passengers
Which THREE pieces of information are found on a vehicle registration document?
A - Registered keeper B - Make of the vehicle F - Engine size
Overloading your vehicle can seriously affect the
steering and handling
You are planning to tow a caravan. Which of these will mostly help to aid the vehicle handling?
a stabiliser fitted to the towbar
A trailer must stay securely hitched up to the towing vehicle.  What additional safety device can be fitted to the trailer braking system?
breakaway cable
On which TWO occasions might you inflate your tyres to more than the recommended normal pressure?
when driving fast for a long distance and when carrying a heavy load
Usually, on a motorway, how far from the exit is the first sign showing the junction number?
one mile
A motorcycle is not allowed on a motorway if it has an engine size smaller than:-
Which of the following signs tell you what you must not do?
red circle tells you what you must not do
Where should you be most cautious when driving?
at intersections
What should you look for at junctions?
What's the best way to reduce CO2 emissions (the chief global warming greenhouse gas) from a car?
drive less and buy a more fuel efficient car
Diesel cars are less damaging to the environment than petrol cars because...
they are more fuel efficient
Reducing your speed from 85mph to 70mph improves fuel efficiency by how much?
25 precent
What's the most used alternative fuel in the UK?
White Studs
mark the lanes of the middle of the road
red studs
mark the left edge of the road
amber studs
mark the central reservation
green studs
mark edge of carriageway at lay-byes, slip roads and such
What is the shortest overall stopping distance on a dry road at 30 mph?
23 metres 75 feet
What is the shortest overall stopping distance on a dry road at 40 mph?
 36 metres 120 feet
What is the shortest overall stopping distance on a dry road at 50 mph?
53 metres 175 feet
What is the shortest overall stopping distance on a dry road at 60 mph?
73 metres 240 feet
What is the shortest overall stopping distance on a dry road at 70 mph?
 96 metres 315 feet