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a car inspection is alid for what amount of time
2 years (4 years if the car is new)
what is the fine for getting a drivers license illegally
30-90 days in jail and $200-500 fine
what is the penalty for altering a license or showing an altered license
$1,000 fine 6 months in jail and loss of license
your car must be insured for                      
what is the period in which headlights must be used
30 min fter sunset to 30 min before sunrise and in rain
what is the penalty for drinking and driving if you are under 21
30-90 days suspension, 15-30 days community service, Intoxicated Driver Program
you must park within      feet of a fire hydrant
what is the procedure for backing a car in a strait lineq
turn around, right hand on front passanger seat, left hand on steering wheel
while driving at night what are th rules for stoppind
stop within the distance you can see
what is the first thing you should do if your car goes into a skid
foot off gas
what is the procedure for a tire blowout
grip wheel firmly, slow down gradually
what should you do if a vehicle is passing you
slow down
wihen can you drive on public property
when a police officer tells you to
what are some rules for drvin in the city
slow, wtch for bikes and people, look 12 sec ahead
what is hydroplaning
when the tires ride up on a film of water
what should you do if you are hydoplanning
foot off gas, slow down
what should you doto your car after drivind through a deep puddle
pump the brakes
what does a flashing red light mean
what is the procedure for turning right on red
blinker on 100ft before, full stop, check both sides, proceed
name the triangular shpe signs
yield, no passing zone, slow-moing vehicle
what does driving under the influence mean
driving with alcohol or drugs in your system
what are some ways a person can sober up before driving
what does a solid white line mean
what does a broken white line mean
passing in the same direction
what does a broken yellow line mean
passing in the opposite direction
what does a solid yellow line mean
no passing
what does a solid yellow line mean
no passing
what are your chances of a collision if your BAC is .5%
what are your chances of a collision if your BAC is .10%
what are your chances of a collision if your BAC .15%
25 times
what is the steering rule for driving in reverse 
steer in the diretion you want the rear of the car to go
what is the rule for signaling before a turn
what is the rule for the amount thaat constitues a "drink"
12 oz of beer, 5 oz of wine, 1.5 oz of liquor
How is your BAC determined
by how fast you drink, your weight, and the amount you drink
What three things myst you have on you at all times while driving
license, registration, and insurance
what are some ways to communicate with other drivers
hand sinals, lights, horn
When is it legal to pass on the right 
person turning left, no shoulder, enough room
what is the first thing you should do if your car breaks down on the road
pull over to the side of the road
what shape is aschool area aign
what si a habitual offender
3 suspensions in 3 years
what do lap and shoulder belts do for you in a collision
keeps you from being thrown from the car, sliding or hitting winsheild or dashoard
what should you do if your car runs off the pavement
slow down and go to the pavement slowloy
how do yopu control severe bleeding
pressure, elevate above the heart, tournoquet
is there extensive bleeding in a puncture wound
what is first aid
immediate care given to an injurged
what is an avulsion
when tissue is seperated from the body 
describe a lacerated wound
jagged irregualr tearing of the soft tissue
desribe an incised wound
cut on knife, borken glass, or sharp metal
when should you not move the victim 
head, neck, or back injur, or when it amy be harmful to you
what are the valuse of first aid training
helop for other, self help, and prep for disaster
define abrasion
outer layer of the skin is damamged
define puncture
produced by an object piercing the skin
what is an open wound
break in the skin
what is a closed wound
below the surface of the skin
can you get sunburn on a cloudy day
what should you do for a chemical burn
flush with water until the ambulance arrives
what are some characteristics of a first degree burn 
top layers of the skin is red and dry, its painful, theres swelling
what should you do for a victim with facial burns
lay them down unless they are having trouble breathing and raise the urn above the heart
what should you do in case of a house fire
get everyone out and call the fire department
what happens when ice is applied
victim my go into shock
define shock
condition resulting from a depresseed state of many vital funtions
defube hemmorhage
severe bleeding
what are unltraviolet waves
radiation that may burn skin
what is the international sign for choking
hands around throat
what is the method to open the airway of some one who is having a problem breathing
tilt head back
what is the procedure for administering CPR
2 breaths and 30 compressions
what should you do for a person who is choking but can cough
encourage coughing
what does it mean when your vision is 20/40
signs you should be able to see at 40 ft you see at 20
what are the reasons why you should turn your enging off when you puyll over in a rest area
reduce carbon monoxide poisoning
when passing a car on a two lane roadway, your       perceptoin is important
which one of your senses is most important for driving
what is the vision that allows you to detect movement not directly in front of you
peripheral vision
name some things that could effect your vision
alchohol, drugs, and lack of sleep
what other senses can help you while driving
name some ways to protect your eyes from the suns glare
sunglasses, sun visors
explain tunnel vision 
field of vision is less that 140 degrees
what is carbon monoxide poisoning 
poisonous gasses given off by the car's exhaust
what is implied consent
automatically agreeing to a breath test because you get a driver's license
what is a hallucinogen
a mind altering drug
what are inhibitions
stop you from behaving without regard to consequences
what is a stimulant
drug that speeds up the central nervous system
what makes up the highway transportations system
people, highways, and vehicles
how can you tellby looking at the interstate signs whether or not you are going north or shouth or going east or west
odd#- North or south
even#- East or west
what is the percentage of deaths from single car collisions
over 50%
describe the Smith System
1 aim high
2 keep the eyes moving
3 get the big picture
4 make sure others see you
5 leave yourself an out
what does SPIDE stand for
what is the space cushion and why is it important
space around the vehicle and it gives youi time to react
what is alohol classified as
a depressant
what are the dangers of mixing over the conter medication with alcohol
results are unpreditcable
what is the legal BAC for a driver over 21
what are some driving skills that can be affected by alcohol
rection time, coordination, and vision
what does DWi stand for
Driving while intoxicated
what percentage of highway deaths are alcohol related
describe depth perception
3D perception of objects in space
can people who are colorblind drive, if so then why
yes they see shapes and order of the lights
what is the main goal of the highway transportation system
the safe efficient movement of people and goods
what does your emotional state have to do with the way you drive
interfers with driing judgement