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Drama Keywords


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W. I. Thompson
A researcher that studied tribes universally. He said in every tribe their are four functionaries, a headman, a hunter, a shaman and a clown.
Leader, Chief, ensures the survival of the tribe
Strength, the ability to use weapons, ensure the survival and safety of the tribe
the ability to perform rituals, communicate with religious spirits who govern the tribe, responsible for communicating with the supernatural
to entertain at the expense of others and himself
In this context it means a sacred history of the people. How people began and how they go to where they were from to now. It doesn't have to be true but people must believe it to be true.
Performed same way time and time again. When it comes to the shaman protecting the tribe. Communal vision. Execution of myth. It bring people who have shared beliefs together
Joseph Campbell
Prolific writer. Many books about stories and tribes. In his research he discovered that myths and stories of tribes can fall into one out of three categories. They are pleasure, power, and duty. 
About things that give people pleasure. There were many stories about love, sex, and shelter.
Stories that brand tribe, shaman, clown, gods as best. 
Stories about ones duty to tribe and gods.
Sympathetic Magic
You do something to get or avoid something.
belief in the supernatural happenings
Thompson discovered that when a tribe is secure enough the functionaries into institutions. These various institutions check each other.
Headman - GovernmentClown - The ArtsHunter - ArmyShaman - Religion 
When the Hierarchy of Needs is applied to Egypt we can see the reason why theatre didn't develop there. We first fulfill our basic physical needs and then the higher order of needs such as the theatre. 
Pyramid Texts
2800BC - 2400BC Performed by the Shamans and it was concerned with birth, death, and rebirth. This is not theatre but ritual behavior.
Memphite Drama
2500 BC May have been performed by priests on the first day of spring. birth, death, and rebirth.
Abydos Passion Play