Digestive System

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Digestive System

Digestive System Study Guide. Very Descriptive

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What are nutrients? What kinds of things are considered nutrients?
Substance required by the body for energy, growth, repair, maintenance.
Can be lipids, carbs, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.
What is the first step in digestion?Second?Last?
Break down food.Break down and absorbs food.Excrete wastes.
Where in the digestive system are the following substances broken down and what chemicals or enzymes helps do that?
Starches- Mouth, stuff in the saliva. Amylases.Protein- StomachFats- Small intestine; lipases.
Indigestible materials such as fiber is compacted and stored temporarily in what organ?
Large intestine also called the colon.
What is the definition of obesity?
20% of body weight is fat.
Another name for the large intestine?
What is peristalsis?
Muscles make waves that move food down the esophagus. The process can be seen in esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine (colon). 
What is the chemical secreted by cells that line the stomach and what is its pH?
Gastric  juice. 1.5
About how long does food stay in the stomach? Small intestine? Large intestine?
Stomach- 2-6 hours. Small intestine- 3-6Large intestine- 12-24
What is the epiglottis? What does it do?
Cartilage that makes food go to stomach and air goes to lungs.
What are villi? Where are they found? What does it do?
Fingerlike structures.Inside of small intestines.Absorbs nutrients.
What is bile?Where is it produced? Where is it stored? What does it do?
Greenish fluid.In the liver.Stored in the gallbladder.Aids in the emulsification of fats.Also promotes the absorption of fatty acids and fat- soluble vitamins.
About how long is the digestive system in an adult human if it were stretched out?
8 meters or 26 feet.
What lives in the large intestines and helps break down waste products?
Most Nutrients absorption takes place in what organ?
Small intestine.
Where is most of water absorbed?
Large intestine. (colon)