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Diagnostic Pr Ocedures

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A portion of a well-mixed sample removed for testing is a(n):
A term used to describe a blood sample in which the red blood cells have ruptured is:
Which of the following is not a responsibility of the medical assistant to the clinical laboratory?
interrupting abnormal results and providing diagnosis to patients
Decreased hemoglobin levels are seen in which of the following illnesses?
both A and C: iron-deficiency and cirrhosis of the liver
______involves the study of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, parasites, and viruses.
The act passed by Congress to establish quality standards for all laboratory testing is referred to as:
Categories of tests performed in the clinical laboratory are assigned by the FDA on the basis of the:
potential risk to public health
Laboratory tests performed in a physician's office are most likely to be categorized as:
both A and B: waived and moderate-complexity
Which of the following is not a waived test?
Gram staining
A blood culture and sensitivity (C&S) test is most likely performed in which division of the clinical laboratory?
You are preparing a chemical hygiene plan for your employer and need copies of the material safety data sheets (MSDS) for several products in use in your laboratory. The first step is to contact:
the manufacturer of the product
In the identification system of the National Fire Association,the white diamond indicates:
special hazards of the chemical
Which of the following is most likely to prevent the spread of infection in a laboratory?
washing your hands
The pledge of healthcare professionals to work to achieve the highest degree of excellence in the care given to every patient is otherwise known as:
quality assurance
The most common temperature for an incubator in the microbiology laboratory is:
37 degress C
You are required to transfer 10mL of urine from a 24-hour specimen into a special tube to be sent to a referral laboratory. You:
use a graduated cylinder to measure the urine, then pour it into the tube
Pipets used to prepare reagents include:
all of the above: serologic, graduated, volumetric
Which of the following is most accurate to measure 500mL?
500-mL volumetric flask 
The ocular of the microscopic generally magnifies the image:
10 times
The microscopic component that directs the light up through the stage is the:
When the 40x objective is in place on the microscope, the total magnification of the specimen is:
Immersion oil can be used with which of the following objective lenses of the microscope?
A centrifuge is used to seperate:
all of the above: liquids from solids, blood cells from serum or plasma, crystals from urine
Balancing a centrifuge requires that all tubes in the load:
all of the above:have an equal amt of liquid of the same viscosity, are of equal size and shape, have a partner in that they are directly across from one another in the rotor holder
Preventing aerosolization in a centrifuge can be accomplished by ensuring that:
the tubes are tightly capped
An autoclave can best be compared with a(n):
pressure cooker
The word autoclaved appears on special tape used in an autoclave only if the temp has reached:
121 degrees C
A medical assistant instructs a pt to collect a 1st morning specimen for which of the following tests?
all of the above: pregnancy testing, culture for bacteriuria, quantitative protein determination 
The recommended specimen for estradiol (a female hormone) testing on urine is most likely a ______ specimen.
If a urine specimen cannot be analyzed within 2-hours, the best course of action is to:
refrigerate the specimen
You return from your lunch break to find that several specimens are waiting in the refigerator to be tested. One of the specimens has a thick layer of pinkish-colored fluffy sediment in the bottom. What might this sediment be?
precipitated amorphous urate crystals
Which of the following is mismatched concerning urine color and the likely pathologic cause?
reddish brown: diabetes
Urine with suspected high levels of which substance should be stored in a dark place before testing?
If you fail to refrigerate a urine sample for an extended period of time before testing, which of the following is likely to increase?
When instructing a female pt for a clean-catch midstream urine specimen, how many antiseptic towelettes should you instruct her to use? 
The normal volume of urine produced by an adult in a 24-hour period generally does not exceed:
2 L
The physical assessment of a urine sample reveals clear, pale, straw-colored urine with a sweet odor. What pathologic condition might this suggest? 
diabetes mellitus
The specific gravity of a urine specimen reads 1.035. This value is considered to be:
abnormally high
You open a urine sample for testing and immediately detect a fruity odor. Which test do you expect to be elevated on chemical analysis?
On chemical analysis a urine specimen from a female with a urinary tract infection most likely reveals:
increased pH, increased nitrite, increased leukocyte esterase
One of the 1st detectable signs of renal disease is:
One of the 1st detectable signs of liver disease is:
Which of the following is always present in a small quantityin normal urine?
A urine specimen is tested and shown to have a pH of 8.0. This value is:
The cell most likely seen in normal specimen is:
squamous epithelial cell
In the microscopic observation of urine sediment, yeast most resemble:
red blood cells
Casts in the urine sediment are best observed with the:
10x objective with decreased illumination 
A urine pregnancy test result is positive:
from implantation of the fertilized egg through delivery 
Which of the following is a tubular structure found in urine and composed mainly of mucoprotein secreted by certain cells of the kidney?
Urine from a child with a musty smell most likely has a diagnosis of:
______includes the physical, chemical, and microscopic examination of urine.
The clinical _______ department analyzes blood, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), urine, and joint fluid.
________is the single most important way to prevent the spread of infection.
________on swabs, tubes, transport media, and other collection containers should be checked before these items are used.
expiration dates
The stepwise method used to collect, process, and test a specimen used as evidence in a legal case is termed ______
chain of custody
An order found on a laboratory requisition indicating that the test mus be done immediately is ______.
_______ casts are not uncommon in the urine of athletes.
A red blood cell seen in urine sediment that has scalloped, leaflike edges is termed ______.
The sugar most commonly found in urine is _______.
The pigment _______ is responsible for the color of urine.
A random sample may contain blood from vaginal contamination if the woman is _______.
When a woman enters menopause, the ovaries stop producing eggs and levels of ______ increase.
The most reliable test for detecting bladder cancer is a _______, but itis invasive.
_______is the study of poisonous substances and their effects on the body.