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Which isn’t a primary function of dietary protein?
a.    serving as a primary source of energy for the body
laurens friend says take VC before undergoing oral surgery. Lauren is concerned about consuming to much? Which determines highest amount of supplement that would be safe for her?
Set of principles developed by usda and usdhhs to help reduce the risk of developing chronic disease
Dash Diet

Jack requires 2800 kilocalories to support total energy needs. Even though jack likes many food and makes it a point to try new things, he consumes only 1600 kilo what is he missing
All are benefits of moderate alcohol intake except
Increase in HDL Cholesterol Levels

Which are carbohydrate rich food
Wheats and Lentils
Distance a typical food travles from farm to table is
AMDR what percent of your daily calories should be from carbs
Hunger is __ compared to appetite
Physiological drive for a non specific food
  Immediately after absorption most of the fat soluble nutrients are carriecd through the__________ circulatory system
Ur gma has just got diabetes 2 which if the following professionals can help her plan her diet
In the US how many foods account for over 90% of all documented food allergies 

A disease that is directly caused by nutritional deficiency
When blood leaves small I, it is routed directly through the portal vein the 
What is primary cause of peptic ulcers?
Heliobacter pylori bacteria
Which is not an assumed benefit of a local food system
The food is grown on a organic farm
  Describe process in which foods are broken down into their component molecules is
  Most energy dense?
Lactose intolerance is caused by
An insufficient production of the enzyme lactase
Dr. Copperband, which of the following is not an element of a community food system?
Organic vegetables CSA programs
Nutrients are how many classes 
In Il which of the following best describes the distance from which a food might come and be defined as part of a local food system
From anywhere in the state of illinois
  Which is modifiable risk for cardiovascular disease
Being overweight
Carbs protein=4 Fat=9 Alcohol=7
The Average daily nutrient intake level that meets the nutrients requirements of 97% to 98% of healthy people
Recommended range of caloric intakes for the energy-yielding nutrients
Average energy intake recommended for energy balance in healthy adults
When an RDA has yet to be established, this daily nutrient value serves as the recommended adequate intake level
An updated set of nutritional reference values that apply to healthy people
Small inte digestion and absorlarge water is storedliver largest gi tract
Saturated fats are found in 
Whole milk and Beef
5-? Percent of our total energy output is attributed to the thermic effect of food
where in the body are triglycerides stored for future energy needs
Adipose tissue
Improve blood lipid profile
Lower intake of sat fat and trans
Which is false?
HCL inhibits the digestion of fat so it does not compete with protein digestion
Major monosach in body?
  RDA of 19yr or older kid
50 Grams
a diet that contains insufficient carbohydrate
1 pound of body fat = how many calories 
  carlos is a healthy 19 year old college student who is sedentary. 5 foot 11 weights 175 lbs. how masny grams of protein whould u recommend him
a complete protein 
has all 9 amino acids
body fat range for women
what element makes protein different from carb and fat
Insulin cant be taken orally b/c
Insulin is a protein and would be broken down by digestive tract uf taken orally
What is most important for weight loss
  Which of the following fatty acids is generally solid at room temp
Complete protein from a plant source
Which would alert you to the likely presence of trans fatty acids in a product
partially hydro veg oil
3 components of total energy expenditure include
basal, physical act, thermic affect of food
major form of fat in both food and body is
preferred fuels form most body functions
Carbs and fat
complex carbohydrates refers to
which of the following is true about protein intake for athletes
most athletes who eat variety will meet their needs
which is not major function of protein in human body
maintain fluid balance
highest sat fats
Joseph plays basketball for his high school team and he is concerned that he us not consuming enough kilocalories to support his activity. Which is best indicator that he isn’t consuming adequate kilocalories
His performance has been impaired
  storach of glucose in animals fond in the liver and skeletal muscle is 
at rest the body’s fuel source is 
yesterday nadia consumed 250 grams of carbohydrates
Why are phospholipids not an essential nutrient
Beneficial GI bacteria produce them 
Egg whites stiffen when they are whipped. The change that occurs in the protein is called 
All of the following would be good advise for someone who is trying to gain weight except
Dont exercise
  Which of the following conditions is not associated with untreaed diabetes
AMDR for fat is what range
A grocery store strategy to reduce risk of food borne illness
Shop Periphery last
Folate defiency during pregnancy is 
Neural tube defects
Major dietary source of iodine is
Iodize table salt
Which fatty acid is critical to fetal brain and eye development
  Which of the following is false regarding calcium needs during pregnancy
Extra demand for calcium during pregnancy has been shown to cause bone  demineralization and increase the risk of future fractures     
Why folate is critical to the health of a newly conceived embryo
proper cell division
Trace Mineral
which is false regarding fat soluble vitamins
fat soluble vitamins need to be consumed on a daily basis
toxicity of folate can disguise a true deficiency of ___ resulting in nerve damage
Research studies suggest that diets rich in viatamin d are associated with a lower risk of developing
Colon Cancer
Major mineral
Hyponatremia is associated with
insufficient sodium
  Deficiencies of fat soluble vitamins are sometimes seen in people who
Malabsorption disorder
On average which of the following indiv would have the highest percent of body weight
35-year-old lean man
greatest risk of toxicity
A and D
primary role of b vitamins
act as coenzymes
normal weight woman should gain approx 25 to __ during preg 
which minerals absorption is enhanced greatly by VC
Not a benefit of breastfeeding?
the fat in breast milk is difficult for the infant to digest
water toxic are rarely toxic
Athletes are more lilely to develop heat illness on
hot and humid days
    Which of these nutrients are destroyed by exposure of light
Bonita notices that her urine
she is suffering from severe dehydration and medical attention
Recommended weight gain during pregnancy is based on the 
Mothers weight before pregnancy 
  Sodium and potassium 
fluid balance
Primary system of niacin toxicity
Good source of riboflavin include
Milk meat green vegis
  Phospourous is especially abundant in foods dense in