Debate Vocabulary Set 1

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Debate Vocabulary Set 1

Debate 1

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A priori
without appeal to experience
the position that the affirmative or negative defends
Advocacy Shift
debater alternating his position form the constructive in a rebutal
the side of the debate that defends the resolution
agent of action
the power indicated or inferred by the resolution to carry out resolution to carry out resolution action
short for answers to
awards ceremony
an assembly where students are recognized for their performance
the written record of the decision in a round
big picture
a rebuttal strategy that approaches the round from the major ideas and emphasizes a thematic view of each position
multiple prepared responses to an argument
blow up
making a big deal out of an argument by spending a lot of time on it
the group of debaters with the same preliminary round record
to become eligible for elimination rounds
a prepared argument with evidence and arguments already structured on a page
bubble round
the round that determines wheter a debater will advance to elimination debates
burden of proof
the obligation to prove the validity of the side of the resolution taken by teh debater
burden of clash
the obligation to clash with the opponent, staying with the arguemtn presented by the opponent
resolutional burden
the obligation to focus the debate on the central questions of the resolution, not wheter the resolution itself is owrthy of debate
attacking the fundamental assumption of hte affirmative or negtative case
a statement or the first step of an argument
Comparative advantage
a suggestion by a debater that his argument is more beneficial than his opponents
to explicitly agree to an opponents argument
a case that only affirms the resolution when certain conditions are present
main argument in a constructive speech
a plan offered by teh negative that is a better solution than the affirmative case
a standarad which explains how the value should be protected, measures whether a sitde protects the value, and evaluates the relevance and importance of an argument
Critical theory
a general term for new theoretical developments in a variety of fields
making an argument at one place in a debate and then applying that same argument somewhere else int he debate
asking questiosn by one side and answering the questions by the other side
selection of voting issues and weighing hte round for the judge