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Controllers who encounter situations that are not covered in the JO 7.110.65 are expected to...
Use their best judgement
Procedural letters of agreement require the concurence of...
more than one facility
The word "shall" means the procedure is...
The word that means the procedure is recomended is...
When time is used in the context of a clock reading, hours and minutes are expressed in..
coordinating the universal time UTC
When reading the time, the change to the next minute is made at the minute plus... seconds
When determining priority of duty the controller should excersize..
good judgment
the time check is given to the nearest...
quarter minute 15 seconds
Give first priority to issuing saftey alerts and...
separating aircraft
The use of non radar separation is prefered over radar separation when ...... will begin
operational advantage
A safety alert is issued when a controller recognizes a situation of unsafe aircraft proximity to terrain, obstacles, or .....
other aircraft
when workload, communication, and equipement permitted, .... procedures are preferred
The first duty priority of an air traffic controller is separating aircraft and ....
issuing safety alerts
Identify a primary radar beacon target by observing target making a turn of ... degrees or more
Local controllers may use certified tower radar displays to determine an aircrafts exact location, relationship to other aircraft, or .....
Fixed wing special VFR flights may be approved only if arriving or departing IFR aircraft are not...
When prompt compliance is used to avoid the development of an imminent situation use the word...
When expeditious compliance is required to employ an immenent situation use the word...
Provide air traffic control service to air craft on a.... basis as circumstances permit
First come first serve
Provide special handling as required, to expadite.... flights
Flight check
Respond to another controllers operational request by restating the incomplete or abreviated terms followed by the word... 
ATC service is provided based only upon observed or ... traffic
Pilots wishes to exceed prescribed speed limit in class C or D airspace must..
Receive ATC authorization
To meet currency requirements, ATC operators must observe for at least... of the preceeding 6 months at the facility for which their facility rating apply
Applicants for a facility rating at any ATC tower must have satisfactorily served, without a facility rating, as an ATC tower operator at that control tower for atleast...
6 months
The minimum separation for an aircraft departing behind a heavy jet departure on parallel runways separtated by at less than 2500ft is... minutes
The minimum age requirement to be eligible for a CTO certification is ..... years
When distances can be determined by suitable landmarks, the separtation minimum between CAT II aircraft departing behind a CAT I departure is ... feet
Do not autorize an aircraft to taxi into position and hold at an intersection between sunset and sunrise, or at any time when an intersection is...
Not visible from tower
During daylight hours when distances can be determined by suitable landmarks, an arriving CAT I aircraft must not cross the landing threshold until a departing CAT I aircraft is airborne and at least ..... feet from the landing threshold
Issue wake turbulence cautionary advisory to aircraft landing behind a departing/ arrival... heavy/B57 on a parrallel runway separated by atleast... feet
unless requested by the pilot, do not issue a downwind takeoff to helicopters if the tailwind exceeds.... kts
During taxi and ground movements, larger and heavier helicopters show a significant increase in...
Downwash Turbulence
Sequenced flashing lights shall be operated when the visibility is less than .... miles and instrument approaches are being made to the runway served by the associated ALS
Except where a runway use program is in effect, use the calm wind runway when the wind is less than.... kts
specialists being relieved and the relieving specialist shall share equal responsibility for the completeness and .... of the position relief briefing
to achieve proper spacing between helicopters, .... may be more practical than course changes
Speed adjustment
Simultaneous same direction aircraft operations on parrallel runways are authorized only when VFR conditions unless.... separtation is applied
Departing IFR civil aircraft should be instructed to contact departure control after takeoff about.... miles beyond the end of the runway
The departure control frequence may be omited from a departure clearance if the aircraft is assigned a SID and a frequency is published on the...
the departure procedure
Wake turbulence separation minima should continue to touchdown for all aircraft not making a visual approach or...
Maintaining visual separation
issue wake turbulence, cautionary advisories to IFR aircraft that accept a visual approach or ... separtation when operating behind heavy jet/ B57
The certificate issued by the FAA that authorizes the holder to act as an ATC tower operator is called a .... certificate
An endorsement that an applicant has to meet the requirements to control ATC at a facility is called a...
Facility rating
Aircraft A, CAT II, is on final approach. Aircraft B, CAT III, is departing on the same runway. When suitable landmarks are used a reference, the minimum distance required for separation between the two aircraft is .... feet
In order to conduct Land and Hold Short Operations on intersecting runways, both runways must be dry with NO braking action reports of less than
Aircraft A is departing Runway 10.  Aircraft B is on final approach to Runway 16.  Ensure that aircraft B does NOT cross the landing threshold until aircraft A has departed and passed the
Intersection  (PICTURE)
The term "high Key" relates to a ... approach
simulated flame-out
The maximum allowable airspeed for an aircraft below 10,000 feet is .... kts
Position lights on aircraft must be lighted between
sunset and sunrise
A flashing green light signal to an aircraft on the ground means the aircraft is cleared to
On an overhead approach, the initial approach is .... nautical miles in length
3 to 5
A pilot encountering an urgency situation should broadcast  "...." 3 times
What procedure permits one controller to transfer radar identification of an aircraft to another controller, request approval for an aircraft to enter another controller's airspace, and retain radio communications with the aircraft
What phraseology term is used to inform the controller initiating a hand-off that the aircraft is identified and approval is granted for the aircraft to enter the receiving controller's airspace?
radar contact
Special VFR aircraft are NOT assigned fixed altitudes because of the .... requirement
clearance from clouds
Special VFR minima are prescribed in Federal Aviation Regulations, part....
Gate hold procedures shall be implemented whenever departure delays exceed.... minutes
If the reported ceiling/sky condition is above 5000 feet and visibility is more than... miles, ceiling, visibility, and obstruction to vision are optional in the ATIS message
when runway braking action reports of "FAIR", "POOR", and "NIL" are received, what statement should be included on the ATIS broadcast
Braking action advisories are in effect
Between sunrise and sunset, ceiling or visibility below basic VFR minima is indicated by turning on the
rotating beacon
Reportable values are .... feet or less for Runway Visual Range (RVR) and 1 1/2 miles or less for Runway Visibility Value (RVV)
The physical dimensions of class C airspace will normally be a .... NM radius capped at 4000 feet above the primary airport
Class c airspace shall extend down to .... feet above the surface, except that an inner core with a 5 NM radius shall extend down to the surface
when operating Special VFR in Class B, C, D or E airspace, all aircraft except.... are required to meet the same visibility requirements
Intersection departures may be initiated or authorized by a controller if they are
requested by the pilot
The size and shape of a TRSA/Class B airspace will vary depending upon....
operational requirements
Minimum vertical separation between VFR aircraft and IFR aircraft within class C airspace is .... feet
The reduced runway separation minimum between a Category III departure followed by a category I arrival is .... feet
the order listing of items to be covered during a position relief breifing is called the ....
After an aircraft has been issued a clearance to taxi into position to hold on a runway, what phraesology is used to prevent the aircraft from inadvertently taking off
hold in position
Aircraft operating at or above 18,000 feet MSL shall set their altimeter to
Aircraft approaching to land should circle the airport to the....
Except over mountainous areas, the minimum IFR altitude is... feet above the highest obstacle within a horizontal distance of a  nautical miles from the course to be flown
An appropriate VFR altitude for an aircraft on a magnetic course of 200 degrees is .... feet
FAA light inspection aircraft are identified by the call sign
Flight check
When appropriate procedural requirements are met, separation between aircraft may be reduced to ... miles with 10 NM of the runway
2 1/2
A designated Short takeoff and landing runway may be assigned only when requested by the pilot or as specified in a
Letter of agreement with the aircraft operator
Which terminal controller is responsible for sequencing IFR arriving aircraft
Approach Control
which controller is normally responsible for aircraft and vehicular movement around the airport
ground Control
NO person may fly in formation if the aircraft is carrying
hazardous material
Aircraft in distress has the right of way over
all other aircraft
In converging situations involving aircraft of different categories, the right of way over all aircraft is given to
within Class B airspace, the maximum airspeed of  turbine powered aircraft is ... knots
the first item stated during initial call up to an aircraft is the
aircraft identification