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Design Ctch1270

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Select the best description of "white space".
empty screen area around blocks of text and images
Select the recommended design practice that applies to a website using images for main site navigation.
both provide alternative text for the images and place text links at the bottom of the page
Applying the design principle of ________ serves to add visual interest and draw attention.
Select the group whose mission is to create guidelines and standards for web accessibility.
Web Accessibility Initiative
Select the most commonly used screen resolution.
1024 by 768
Select the true statement below.
Placing white space around graphics and headings helps them to stand out.
Select the true statement below.
Animation should be used only if it enhances your web site
The main site navigation or a section offering navigation choices should contain:
visually grouped sections of hyperlinks
Solid or fixed design is sometimes called ________ design and uses a fixed-width page layout.
The four principles of WCAG 2.0 are as follows:
perceivable, operable, understandable, robust
Which of the following is not a web design recommended practice?
use frames whenever possible
When applying the design principle of ________ related items are grouped together.
Select the most commonly used site organization for commercial web sites.
Select a good design recommendation for text hyperlinks.
use a key phrase as a hyperlink
select the three most common methods of organizing websites.
hierarchical, linear, and random