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What type of account does Genesis represent?
Genesis 1-111 represents and accurate, HISTORICAL account.
Why are there so many different compromising views of creation?
Some Christians don'e known scientific evidence against evolution, don't understand the difference between micro/macro evolution.
Comproming views cont'd
They may not understant the Bible. They may be sincere, intelligent Christians, but are simply uninformed.
Why would Christians accept the belief of "millions of years"
Christians and pastors may adopt this view because of that "science says"
What does the reading of Scripture describe in creation?
A young earth, and six day creation.
List different theories of creation.
Theistic Evolution, Framework hypothesis, Progressive Creation, Gap Theory, Day-Age Theory, Old Earth Creation
What is theistic evolution?
A blend of theism with standard evolutionary theory
What views does theistic evolution hold?
God used evolution to create. God is the initiatory but allows eveything to unfold and run its course
What does theistic evolution incorporate?
The big bang theory, the chemical origin of life, evolution and common ancestry of all living things, and millions of years.
What is the only difference between theistic evolution and atheist evolution?
God is involved to some extent in the theistic evolution.
What are some contradictions to theistic evolution.
It minimizes the role of God, It is inconsistent with God's nature, Order of creation does not line up
What is considered to be the biggest problem with theistic evolution?
This view places death BEFORE sin, rather than as a punishment.
What is the main view of Framework Hypothesis?
It rejects Genesis as a true history, but it views it as allegorical, poetic.
What are the 4 major arguments favoring framework hypothesis?
Two triad structure of Genesis 1, Eternal nature of day 7, Anthropomorphisms, and no rain on earth.
List the objections for the Framework Hypothesis
Parallelism does not rule out a chonrological progression, there WAS a day 7, Where does literary device end?
Other objections for the Framework Hypothesis
Plants were watered by mist in the very beginning, Genesis 1 is historical narrative not poetry
How did Stevne Boyd argue against Framework Hypothesis?
Statistical analysis of verb tenses. Genesis has verb tenses consistent with historical narrative, not poetry
What is progressive creation?
creation by dis-continuous evolutionary process by God: God intervenes only at certain points to "help" evolution along
What is the Gap Theory?
Primeval creation existing for billions of years but was laid waste in a Pre-Adamic cataclysm.
Where is this "gap"
million of years between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2
Arguments FOR the Gap Theory
"Without form and void"; The earth became without form and void; "and then" vs "now"; Created vs. Made
Objections AGAINST the Gap Theory
Inconsistent with God creating everything in 6 days, "Was" is not "Become"; Puts death before the fall; pages 67-71
What is the Day-Age Theory
Believes that each day of creation corresponds to a geologic age.
What verse do people use to try to promote the Day-Age Theory?
"A day is as a thousand years..."
What is the problem with this argument for Day-Age Theory?
"...and a thousand years are as a day." This verse is intended to reference the eternality of God.
What is a major objection to the Day-Age Theory?
Plants were made on day 3. (plants can't survive thousands of years of DARK)
What is ironic about the issue of "day" in Genesis
The word appears 2301 times in the Old Testament, but only Genesis 1 is in dispute regarding the length of the day.
What did Martin Luther say regarding the length of creation
"But if you cannot understand how this could have been done in six days, then grant the Holy Spirit the honor of being more learned then you are.
Who wrote Genesis?
God: Genesis 1 to 2 Adama: Genesis 2 to 5 Noah and Sons: Genesis 6 to 11 Abraham and Sons: Genesis 11-50
What was created on Day 1 of Creation?
Heavens and earth, light and dark
Day 2 of creation
Firmament, separated waters above and below
Day 3 of creation
land and plants
Day 4
celestial bodies, sun, moon, and stars
Day 5 of creation
birds and sea creatures
Day 6 of creation
Land animals and man and woman
Chris was not involved in Creation
FALSE. John 1:1-3; Colossians 1:15-16
When was the Fall
Very soon after creation, before Adam and Eve conceived children, and no death before the fall
What is the sequence in evolution?
1. Big Bang, origin of matter 2. Solar system, sun and planets 3. Origin of life in the sea
Sequence in evolution cont'd
4. Bacteria, unicellular organisms, then fish 5. Plants, then land animals 6. Mammals and birds after reptiles
What is perhaps the biggest difference between creation and evolution?
Evolution has death as being ever present, whereas creation has death as a punishment for sin.
Why is the belief of death being AFTER sin so significant?
Physical death allows man to be redeemed. If Adam ate the apple as a sinful being, he would live separated from God