COSC 375 Estimating Concrete Takeoff

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owner considers the feasibility of the proposed project-conceptual estimate
program phase
designers prepare preliminary sketches of project-preliminary estimates
schematic phase
the scope of the work of the project is developed
design development phase
drawings and specs are finalized these define the scope of work that forms the basis of the contractors bid
contract document phase
contractors complete for the job and the successful contractor is awarded the contract
contractor selection phase
construction work is executed
construction phase
the conceptual estimate establishes the ______ and _______
Cosc cost and Budget
The biggest cost of cosc
Design and Cosc
Most people decide to build on two factors
value and cost
value is appraised form
profits and benefits
one in which the anticipated value of all benefits exceeds the total cost of putting the project in place
feasable project
preliminary drawings and specs define the
scope of the project
owner has idea of cost and contractor has complete set of drawings
traditional (design-bid-build) delivery
fast track, owner does not know set price, have different projects goin on at once
construction management delivery
fast track all in house and contractor taking on risk on design and cosc
design-build delivery
lump sum contracts
complete set of drawings
cost plus contracts
fast or work hard to define, used to get work quickly underway (renovations)
unit price contracts
used for civil engineering works, lots of ground work
construction documents consist of what two things
procurement and contract documents
used to solicit pricing in the form of bids or proposals form prospective contractors
procurement documents
procurement documents consists of
invitation to bid, advertisement for bids, instructions for procurement, procurement forms and supplements (Bid Form- doc bidder will submit to owner)
describe the proposed construction that results form performing services, furnishing labor, and supplying labor etc.
contract documents
contract documents consist of
contract requirements (agreement, bonds and certificates, addenda and change orders) both written and graphic, specs and contract drawings
provided during the procurement stage that generally show existing conditions, as builts, reference only and NOT CONTRACT DOCS.
resource drawings
emerged in 1996, allows to distribute project info and user can view, download and other members of a project
online plan rooms
the greatest enemy to productivity is _________
most accurate labor productivity determination
historical data
field observations
cycle time- used for rept. tasks rate of progress (ROP) used for linear tasks daily productions
least accurate labor productivity
national standards
labor rate
annual cost/ billable hours
materials, shipping cost, sales, tax, storage costs, escalation
material pricing
sources for material costs
suppliers (best way) historical costs national standard books (least accurate)
Free on Board-determines who pays for shipping and where the supplier relinquishes responsibility for shipping and protection of matls.
components of equipment pricing
ownership costs and operation costs
ownership costs
decrease during life of equipment, must recoup depreciation
operation costs
increase during life of equipment
activities for concrete can be divided into
supply and placing, cosc and removal of formwork, supplying and placing of reinforcing steel, miscellaneous items
conceptual estimating has three areas
price per unit, unit area, unit volume
conceptual....price per unit
cost per bed for hospital
conceptual....price per unit area
the gross floor area is defined as the area of all floors measured to the outside of containg walls
conceptual....price per unit volume
ex. story height
if costs are developed using a national average, they must be adjusted using the appropriate
city cost index
conceptual estimates provide and accuracy in the
+/- 20% range
adjustments must be made for in the RS means Conceptual Estimate
location, size,
division 01 sections cover_______
general requirements for execution of the work
materials can be divided into 3 parts
general, products, execution
the four methods of specifying
descriptive, performance, reference standard, and proprietary (brand names)
estimating trade is divided into two parts
quantity takeoff and pricing
three steps to quantity take off
define scope, measure each item, record quantities
process for converting the quantity takeoff into dollar value
procurement requirements contracting requirements specs contract drawings resource drawings -pre contract requirements -addenda
procurement requirements
procurement requirements contracting requirements specs
project manual
contracting requirements specs contract drawings -precontract revisions -clarifications and proposals -contract modifications
contract documents