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what are the 4 quarantinable diseases?
PSYC:  plague, smallpox, yellow fever, cholera
what is the most common indoor inspect species?
german cockroach
which rat eats meat and fish?
norway rat
which rat eats fruits & veggies?
black roof rat
what are the areas of concern of malaria risk?
MAC:  middle east, africa, central/south american
which species of mosquito causes malaria?
what is the malaria instruction?
navmedcominst 6230.2
what is a DAR?
disease alert report takes only one case NAVMED 6220.3
4 kinds of chemoprohylaxis for malaria?
chloraquine                      doxycycline primaquine fansidar
three types of mosquitos?
plasmodium falciparum-most deadly plasmodium ovale-only in west africa aedes egypti-yellow fever
instruction for tuberculosis?
chemoprophylaxis for TB?
isoniazid (inh)
instruction for immunizations?
what form is used to document immunizations?
SF 601 DD 2766
what immunizations can't be given to someone allergic to eggs/fowl?
TIMY:  typhus, influenza, measles, yellow fever
what is the instruction for health records?
what is a 6150/2?
special duty medical abstract
what is 6150/4?
abstract of service
what is 6150/7?
charge out card
what is 6150/19?
health record jacket
what is 6150/20?
summary of care
what is a 6320/18?
binnacle list reported by 0930
what is a 6320/19?
morning report of sick & injured submit by 1000
what is DD 771?
eyewear prescription
what is DD 877?
request for med/den information
what is DD 1141?
ionizing radiation
what is DD1289?
what is DD 2005?
privacy act statement
what is DD 2215?
reference audiogram
what is DD 2216?
hearing conservation
what is DD 2766
preventative & chronic care flow sheet
what are the 4 growth requirements for bacteria?
temperature, oxygen, moistrue, nutrients
what is SF 88?
medical exam
what is SF 93?
medical history
what is SF 513?
medical consultation
what is SF 519?
what is SF 521?
request for anesthesia
what is SF 545?
what SF 600?
chronological record of medical care
what is SF 601?
what is the instruction for decendent affairs?
what is instruction for DAR?
what is the health record instruction?
what is the guideline for controlled substances inventory?
what is the QA program inst?
what is the instruction for immunizations?
what is the instruction for immunizations & chemoprophylaxis?
what is SECNAVINST 5216.5?
correspondence manual
what is SECNAVINST 5215.1?
directives issuance system
what is P-5036?
STD interviewer's guide
what is P-5038?
communicable diseases in man
what is P-5041?
control & treatment of chemical warfare casualties
which vitamins are water soluable?
C & K
which vitamins are fat soluable?
A, D, E, K
what is vitamin A?
retinol (skin/vision)
what is vitamin B1?
thiamine (beri beri)
what  is vitamin B2?
riboflavin (pellagra)
what is vitamin B6?
pyridoxine (neuritis)
what is vitamin B12?
cyanocobalamin (pernicious anemia)
what is vitamin C?
ascorbic acid (scurvey)
what is vitamin D?
sunshine (ricketts)
what is vitamin K?
menidione (blood clotting)
what does  RPR test test for?
rapid plasma reagin:  syphilis
what does KOH test for?
potassium hydroxide:  detects fungi
what type of infections are caused by gram positive cocci?
Please stop farting:  pneumonia, staph, furuncles (skin disorders)
what type of infections are caused by gram negative cocci?
Go me:  gonorrhea & meningitis
what type of infections are caused by gram positive bacilli?
D' boys take gas:  diphtheria, botulism, tetanus, gas gangrene
what type of infections are caused by gram negative bacilli?
Bright blue whales:  bubonic plague, brucellosis, whooping cough
what does a gram stain kit contain?
crystal violet stain, iodine (mordant), acetone (decolorizer), safranin stain
what diet treats hypoglycemia?
low carb, high protein
what diet treats renal disease, hypertension & cardiac conditions w/edema?
low sodium
what diet treats infectious hepatitis & burns?
high protein (187.5 grams)
what is the P-5036?
STD interviewers guide
what is the P-5038?
communicable diseases in man
what is the P-5055?
radiation health manual
what is P-5041?
control of and treatment of chemical warfare causalties
what is SECNAVINST 5215.1?
directives issuance system
what is SECNAVINST 5216.5D?
correspondence manual
what is NAVMEDCOMINST 5360.1D?
decedent affairs
what instruction lists how to stock an ambulance?
what is the shipping code for controlled substances?
Q & R
which shipping code tells the shipper the item will be damaged by freezing?
which shipping code means keep frozen?
when overseas, the CO will ensure two signed copies of what will accompany medical records, x-rays & remains?
DD 565-statement of recognition of remains
what is a DD 2064?
certificate of death, overseas
what will be issued to the escort or will accompany the remains & is presented to the PNOK or SNOK?
standard burial flag & plastic case
what expense incurred in connection with decedent affairs program is a secondary expense?
transportation of relatives to the cemetery
what expense incurred in connection with decedent affairs program is a primary expense?
what official is charged with inspection of remains, casket & shipping case?
the decedent affair officer
remains will be refrigerated at what temp?
36-40 degrees F
when death occurs in CONUS, and remains are shipped outside CONUS,how many min. copies of civil death certificate should accompany remains?
what times should PNOK be notified?
CO's will send a letter of condolence to NOK within how many hours?
48 hrs
which program provides professional mortuary services, supplies, and related services incident to care & disposition of remains?
current death program
does round trip transportation fall under the current death program?
no, but it is authorized
which program provides for the search, recovery, and evacuation to a temporary cemetery or mortuary?
graves registration program
which program may be activated during emergencies or major military when conditions & capabilities permit?
concurrent return program
within the navy, who will advise field activities of the activation of a return of remains program?
commander, naval medical command
which program can only be activated upon enactment of special legislation?
return of remains program
who informs the member's family members in regards to death gratuity & unpaid pay and allowences?
CACO:  casualty assistance calls officer