Conversational Messages- Chapter 8

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5 stages of the conversation model 
opening, feedforward, business, feedback, and closing 
-greeting- phatic communication= establishes connection or opens up channel - nonverbal: handshake, kiss, smile
- gives person general idea of conversation's focus- identifies tone of conversation or time required- four major functions: to open the channels of communication, to preview the message, to disclaim, and to altercast
- the substance or focus of the conversation- learn, relate, influence, play or help
-reflect back on the conversation to signal that as far as you are concerned, the business is completed-positive - negative- person focused- message focused- immediate- delayed- low monitoring- high monitoring- supportive- critical
- the goodbye - reveals how satisfied the persons were with the conversation
Ways to initiate conversation
self-references (" My name is Joe. I'm from VA);other references ("I like that sweater");relational references ("May I join you");context references (This Deli is fantastic")
Different types of openers
Cute- flippant "Bet I can out drink you";Innocuous "What do you think of the band";Direct "Would you like to get a drink after dinner"
4 conversational maxims
- principles that speakers and listeners in the U.S and in many other cultures follow in conversation- The maxim of quantity, the maxim of quality, the maxim of relation, the maxim of manner
Quantity Maxim
A principle of conversation that holds that speakers cooperate by being only as informative as necessary to communicate their intended meanings- violated when important info is omitted or unimportant info is added "Get to the point" "What happened"
Quality Maxim
A principle of conversation that holds that speakers cooperate by saying what they think is true and by not saying what they think is false
Relation Maxim
A principle of cooperation in conversation that holds that speakers communicate by talking about what is relevant and by not talking about what isn't.
Manner Maxim
A principle of conversation that holds that speakers cooperate by being clear and by organizing their thoughts onto some meaningful and coherent pattern
the process of revealing something about yourself to another- usually, revealing info that you'd normally keep hidden
Rewards of Self-Disclosure
- may help increase self- knowledge, communication and relationship effectiveness, and psychological well-being. 
Risks of Self- Disclosure
personal - you may experience rejection from friends and family members relational- decrease in mutual attractionprofessional- problems on the job HIV positive, racist