Computer Literacy BASICS: Lesson 3 And 4 Vocabulary

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Computer Literacy BASIC: Lesson 3 And 4 Vocabulary

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Saving files to a removable disk or other independent storage device that can be used to restore data if the primary system becomes inaccessible
Data Theft
Confidential and private information stored on computers being stolen by thieves and hackers
A small program that instructs the operating system on how to operate specific hardware
Secure process for keeping confidential information private
Environmental condition that can affect the performance of computer systems
DOS command to test connectivity and isolate hardware problems and any mismatched configurations
Power Spikes
Short, fast transfers of electrical voltage, current, or energy
Surge Suppressor
Plug into electric outlets to protect computers against power spikes
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Device that provides power to computers if the normal current is interrupted
Cable Management
Organizing and protecting computer system cables
Corona Wires
Laser printer wires used to generate a field of positive charges on the surface of the drum and the paper
Small text file that a Web site uses to identify a specific computer
A process that reduces the amount of fragmentation on a disk by physically organizing the contents of the disk so the pieces of each file are stored contiguously
Occurs when a piece of data is broken up into many pieces that are not stored close together
Ergonomic Keyboard
Keyboard that allows for a more natural positioning of arms and hands
Performing tasks on a regular schedule to manage and prevent equipment problems
Recycle Bin
Holding area for files and folders before their final deletion from a storage device
locations on a hard disk where data files are written
Seek Time
How long it takes the computer to scan for a file; affects speed of processing cycle and computer performance
A pointing device that can be used instead of a mouse; most often on notebook computers.
Wireless Keyboard
Keyboard that reduces the clutter of wires and cables, and improves mobility