Common Elements And Their Symbols

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Common Elements And Their Symbols

These Are Flashcards Of Symbols Of The Periodic Table And The Elements Of Course. I Have To Know This For A Test Soon So I Thought Id Make Them,

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Lead, Copper, Neon, Silver, Zinc
Pb, Cu, Ne, Ag, Zn
Aluminum, Platinum, Oxygen, Sodium, Iron
Al, Pt, O, Na, Fe
Arsenic, Calcium, Tin, Nickel, Gold
As, Ca, Sn, Ni, Au
Sulfer, Uranium, Argon, Iodine, Bromine
S, U, Ar, I, Br
Barium, Chromium, Hydrogen, Magnesium, Radium
Ba, Cr, H, Mg, Ra
Chlorine, Florine, Heluim, Nitrogen, Silicon.
Cl, F, He, N, Si
Carbon, Mercury , Phosphorus, Potassium
C, Hg, P, K