Cold War Organizations - Socials 11

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Cold War Organizations - Socials 11

A list of organizations from the Cold War unit in Socials 11; BC Curriculum.Does NOT include terms! (See "Cold War Organizations - Socials 11")

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North American Treaty Organization. The mutual defence organization set up to protect 14 Western European countries, Canada and the United States from possible aggression from the USSR after WWII. 
North American Air Defence Agreement. Agreement in 1957 integrated air-defence forces of the US and Canada under joint command. The agreement was renamed the North American Aerpospace Defence Command in 1981.
United Nations
An international organization created to promote world peace and prevent wars between two or more countries. (preventing another World War) A revival of the League of Nations, following the idea of collective security.
World Health Organization. An agency created by the UN to help achieve goals of protecting human rights and abolishing disease and famine.
United Nations' Children's Fund. Created by the UN General Assembly to provide emergency food and healthcare to children in countries that have been devastated by WWII.
Massey Commission
A commission set up by the Canadian federal government - headed by Massey - to investigate the state of Canadian culture. Found that Canadian culture had to be protected from US influences, which led to the establishment of the Canada Council in 1957 to award tax-funded grants to writers, artists and theatres who produced Canadian material.
National Film Board of Canada (NFB)
Established in 1939; funds/produces Canadian films about Canadian culture. Still exists today.
Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission. This agency would regulate (and still regulates today) the amount of foreign material broadcast over the airwaves and impose rules requiring Canadian content.
Canadian International Development Agency. In charge of boosting foreign aid to less industrialized countries. Enforced "tied aid."
An organization made up of several countries that had once belonged to the British Empire. Includes Canada.
la Francophonie
An organization of French-speaking states, many former colonies of France. Includes Canada, mostly Quebec.
Foreign Investment Review Agency. Created by the Trudeau government to block any foreign investment that seemed not to be in Canada's interest. Dismantled by the Mulroney government in 1984.