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Cognition Flash Cards For Midterm Exam. 

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Cognitive Science 
development and learning. (when the brain works, it creates the mind.)
Empiricism [David Hume (1711-1776)] 
everything learned except- Simple sensations (for example, light/dark, colors, pain, …)- Principle of association (everything else learned by associating sensations together into ideas, then associating ideas together)
seeing begins with light entering the eye, where it forms an image. Seeing is figuring out from the image what I’m looking at. 
black and white only, night visionThe sensitivity of the rods couldn’t be higher they are extremely sensitive. At night, you only see black and white when you see a tree and think its green because you know that the tree is green so your brain makes the image green.
color, mostly in fovea, good detail, daylight vision (Sensitive to color, need a whole lot more light to work)