Classification Of Tissues- Exercise 6A

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Different Types Of Body Tissues.

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covers surfaces
Simple Squamous Epithelium
single layer, flattened cells. found in linings of heart, air sacs of lungs
Simple Cubodial Epithelium
single layer, cubelike cells. found in kidney tubules, ovary surface
Simple Columnar Epithelium
single layer, tall cells, some have cilia. found in gallbladder, digestive tract
Psuedostratified Columnar Epithelium
single layer, differing heights, nuclei seem at different levels. found in ducts of lg glands.
Stratified squamous epithelium
several layers, flattened surface cells. found in esophagus, mouth, vagina.
Transitional epithelium
stratified squamous + stratified cuboidal. found in ureters, bladder.
Areolar connective tissue
cushions & protects. found in skin, surrounds blood vessels.
Adipose connective tissue
insulation for body. found under skin, in abdomen.
Dense regular connective tissue
found in tendons, ligaments.
Hyaline cartilage
found in ends of long bones, trachea.
Elastic cartilage
found in external ear.
found in intervertebral discs.
Osseous tissue
found in bones.
Blood tissue
found in blood vessels.
Nervous tissue
found in brain, spinal cord.
Skeletal muscle
found in muscles attached to bones
Cardiac muscle
found in walls of heart.
Smooth muscle
found in walls of hollow organs.