CIS 111 Chapter 6

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CIS 111 Chapter 6

CIS 111 Chapter 6; Technology In Action 7th Edition

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Most notebooks have a fast transfer pot like USB 2.0 or__________.
The video subsystem consists of the__________ and the__________.
video card, monitor
CPU speed is measured in__________
In a Windows PC, the__________ window identifies which CPU you have in your system, as well as its speed.
system properties
A computer system becomes memory bound when:
there is not enough RAM installed
Level 2 cache is slightly farther away from the CPU than Level 1 cache or on a separate chip.
Windows 7 includes__________, which enables you to migrate files and settings from a Windows Vista system to a Windows 7 system via a network connection.
windows easy transfer
Level 2 cache memory always contains more storage area than Level 2 cache.
Modern processors are defined by the combination of processor speed, front side bus speed, and the amount of__________.
cache memory
__________ is the type of RAM memory used most often in today's computers.
The current surround-sound standard is from__________D
Upgrading your CPU can increase how quickly data can move to or from the CPU.
Soled state drives have no platters or motors.
Running the Disk Cleanup utility is a quick way to:
clear out unnecessary files
__________ provides quick processing of information by enabling a new set of instructions to start before the previous set has been finished.
__________ sound is good at convincing the human ear that sound is omnidirectional.
The CPU is located on the motherboard.
RAM is stored directly on the CPU.
__________ optical discs can hold four hours of high-definition video with both audio and video quality that is superior to those of a DVD or CD.
To determine whether your system has the right hardware components to do what you want it to do, you should perform a__________.
System evaluation
A CD_RW device that specifies speeds of 52X32X52 can rewrite data at a speed of__________.
The primary circuit board of a computer system is the__________.
When your computer is using virtual memory, the operating system builds a file called the__________ on the hard drive that allows processing to continue.
Page file
The CPU consists of two parts....
1. Control unit 2. Arithmetic logic unit
The RAM included with a graphics card is call a__________ memory.
When referring to hard drives, the period of time that it takes for the correct sector to spin to the read/write head is called__________.
On a Windows system, you can determine how much RAM you have by looking in the__________ window.
system properties
Front side bus speed is measured in:
An expansion card that translates binary data into images is a:
video card
__________ determines how quickly the CPU can work.
clock speed
The amount of RAM recommended for most systems today is measured in:
Two types of video memory are:
A computer's memory subsystem is made up only of RAM.
Moore's Law predicts that the number of trasistors inside a CPU will double every 18 months.
__________ drives have much faster access times than flash drives, around 0.1 ms.
Solid state
__________ memory is a form of random access memory that is more accessible to the CPU than regular RAM.
A video card is an expansion card installed inside your:
system unit
The percentage of time your CPU is working is referred to as CPU:
Kernel memory is:
RAM memory used by the operating system.
Windows 7 incorporates__________, which enables you to migrate files and settings from a Windows Vista system to a Windows 7 system via a network connection.
Easy Transfer
RAM is your computer's permanent storage space for data that is entered from the keyboard.
Which of the following activities is carried out by the ALU?
completion of all arithmetic calculations.
If you want to be able to use a form of optical media (such as a CD or DVD) that you can write to as many times as you like, your media should be in__________ format.
read / write
The time it takes a storage device to locate stored data and make it available for processing is called__________ time.
The minimum RAM requirement for running all the new features in Windows 7 is__________.
1 GB
The percentage of time that your CPU is working is referred to as processing time.
When referring to hard drives, seek time and latency are the two factors that make up:
access time
The number of bits the video uses to represent each pixel on the monitor is called:
bit depth
The __________ can be considered the highway on which data travels between the CPU and RAM.
front side bus
Which is the fastest type of optical drive on the market?
Blu-ray drives
__________ discs have the greatest storage of all types of optical discs.
Hard drive access time is measured in milliseconds.
Each o the following is a computer subsystem EXCEPT the:
data subsystem
RAM is an example of __________ storage because when the power is off, RAM is cleared out.
When your computer's performance suddenly seems to drop off, the Windows program called__________ gives you easy access to performance information.
Task Manager
If your computer is often using virtual memory, adding more RAM will increase performance.
__________ are the small circuit boards that hold a series of RAM chips.
Memory modules
When there is not enough RAM installed in your system, the system becomes memory bound.
When referring to hard drives, access time is measured in:
When you evaluate your video cards and monitor, you are evaluating your__________ subsystem.
Which of the following statements is true about optical media?
A blu-ray burner will most likely burn both CDs and DVDs.
Moore's Law is a rule that predicts:
the pace at which CPUs improve.
Because displaying graphics demands a lot of the CPU, video cards also come with their own:
graphics processing unit
Accessing data from the hard drive to send to the CPU is faster than accessing data from RAM.
The control unit coordinates the activities of all computer components except for the CPU itself.
The audio subsystems consists of the speakers and__________.
a sound card
Hard drives have been growing in storage capacity by about 50 percent each year.
When your operating system is using virtual memory, it builds a file called the__________ on the hard drive.
page file
The __________ move over the spinning platters to retrieve data from the hard disk.
read/write heads
To make sure your computer performs reliably, you can do all of the following EXCEPT:
increase the front side bus speed
The memory your operating system uses is referred to as__________ memory.
__________ hard drive use much thinner cables and can transfer data more quickly than IDE drives.
Serial ATA
Temporary data and instructions are not stored on the hard drive because it is faster to retrieve data from RAM.
A stoppage of the hard drive that often results in data loss is called a__________.
head crash
Cache memory levels are determined by:
the chip's proximity to the CPU
The CPU is connected to the system memory by the:
front side bus
A __________ handles the same type of processes as a CPU but is specialized for 3-D and image and graphic processing.
graphics processing unit
A dual-layer blu-ray disc has a storage capacity of up to__________.
50 GB
Blu-ray players are __________ and can play both DVDs and CDs.
backward compatible
Notebooks are equipped with__________ slots that allow you to add fax modems, wireless adapters, network connections, and more.
Express Card
Front side bus (FSB) speed is measured in__________.
RAM is nonvolatile storage.
All of the following are advantages of notebook computers EXCEPT:
you get more speed for a lower price
Which statement pertaining to system reliability is FALSE?
An accumulation of temporary internet files has no effect on your computer's overall performance.
The __________ table in the Performance tab of Windows Task Manager shows both the total amount of physical memory you have installed and the available memory you have.
Physical memory
Cache memory is a form of ROM.
All of the following are forms of RAM except:
The use of multiple cores on one CPU ship allows the execution of two sets of instructions at the exact same time.
__________ provides high speed information processing by enabling a new set of instructions to start before the previous set has been finished.
Which of the following is NOT a main disadvantage of a desktop computer as compared to notebooks?
A desktop computer is more expensive
The amount of RAM that is actually on the memory modules in your computer is the__________ memory.
Computer systems with insufficient amounts of temporary memory, or __________, often crash.
A __________ performs the same kind of computational work that a CPU performs but is specialized to handle 3_D graphics and image and video processing.
The small circuit boards that hold a series of RAM chips are called:
memory modules
__________ predicts that the number of transistors inside a CPU will doubles every 18 moths
Moore's Law
Running the Disk Defragmenter utility will:
make the hard drive work more efficiently
You can determine the amount of RAM in your system by looking in the __________ window.
System properties