Christianity 10 Characteristics

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Christianity 10 Characteristics

Echristianity 10 Characteristics

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beliefs about god
most believe in one god
humanity chose to sin
god is perfect
Jesus's resurrection save and reconcile man with god
golden rule
as you would that men should do to you , you also do to them likewiseā€¯
-Jesus takes on the sin of man to help reconcile
- a plan devised  by God
beared the wrath of God and restore the relationship between God and Man
sin or evil
-Man has a sinful nature
-man has death death.
 -Sin prevents a right relationship with God
holy writings
old testament- most important
new testament- 27 books
holy places 
church of sepulchre- where jesus's tomb is and the calvary
church of nativity- built over cave that was Jesus birthplace
Nazareth- childhood home of jesus
lent- before easter, remembrance of jesus's fast in wilderness, temted by evil, people usually give up soemthign they enjoy
holy week- week before easter, celebrate day of jesus's resurrection
Easter- resurrection of christ
Important people
jesus- provide reconcilation and salvation with god
paul- explained that salvation is achieved through faith in jesus
apostles- jesus's trainees that established church and spread his message
cross- resurrection and sacrifice
*protestants- w/out Jesus
*Catholics + orthodox- w/ Jesus on the cross
ichtus- fish, disciples are fishers of men to bring them to christianity
ixoye- jesus christ, god's son, savior
what does the new testament contain?
-gospel: life, ministry, death of Jesus
- teahcings and writings of apostles