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which is the smallest Ca Ga K Br or As?
which of the follwing gasses would diffuse the fastest though an extrememly fine membrane? Ar Ne He Xe or all of them?
from Sr I Xe Rb or Cd which would removing an electron from be most difficult?
what are the causes of soil losing its fertility?
leaching extracts nutrients and plants extract nutrients
what is the main product of the haber process?
what is the difference between synthetic and natural fertilizers?
there is no difference chemically, just that synthetics are mixed in different proportions
what is a complete fertilizer? NH4NO3 with K3PO4 KNO3 with NH4NO3 NH3 all of them? only the first and second?
NH4NO3 with K3PO4
why does a farmed field lose its fertility while a wild pasture does not?
harvesting removes the minerals and organic matter stored in the plants from the ecosystem
what would you expect to be the least attracted to a Na+ ion? F- H3C-CH3 HO- Cl2CH2 H-F
the seperation of charges within a polar molecule is call a(n) what?
what is happening at the mo9lecular level when a polar molecule like water interacts with a typical sodium ion?
the water molecule aligns such that the oxygen interacts with the sodium
what describes an aqueous solution?
a mixture of some compound dissolved in water
what is a hydrogen bond?
a special type of dipole-dipole attraction involving hydrogen bound to any other atom
in which of the following molecules will water induce a temporary dipole? O2 CO2 N2 all? or none?
which of the following would have the highest boiling point? F2 I2 Br2 Cl2 not enough information
which of the following would have the smallest number of induced dipole-induced dipole interations? C10H22 C8H18 C12H26 C6H14 not enough information
what material phases cannot form a solution?
all material phases (gas, liquid, solid) can make solutions
in a solution of 77% nitrogen and 23% oxygen which is the solvent?
what describes the term concentration?
it is the amount of solute in a given amount of solution
which has more atoms? a mole of lead a mole of helium a mle of gold all of the above have the same numbr of atoms none of the above
all of the above have the same number of atoms
which of the following best decribes a two-molar sucrose solution?
one liter of solution that contains 2moles of sucrose
How are interatomic forces and soluability related?
solubility is a measure of how weak the intermolecular forces in the solute are.
which iof the following might have the best solubility in water? Cl2 CH3OH O2 CH2CH3 none of the above
how is the solubility of a solid affected by temperature? As temp goes up, the solubility goes up as temp goes down, solubility goes down as temp goes up, solubility goes down as temp goes down, solubility goes up both a and b
both a and b
how is the solubility of a gas affected by temperature?
as temperature goes down, the solubilitiy goes up