Chapter 9 Nutrition: Concepts And Controversies

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Chapter 9 Nutrition: Concepts And Controversies

Nutrition 9

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what is a health risk not associated with fat
increased rick of developing ulcers
who is least likely to carry more intrabdominal fat
women in repoductive years
obesity is defined at fat percent 30 or higher
outside the body causes of obseity suggest that 
environmental influcnes override internal regulatory systems
a man of normal weigh will what was percent of fat
bmi are most value for decideing health risks for overwieght
central obesity correlates with an increased incidence of 
what is produced by the adipose tissue in direct proportion to body fat and suppresses appetite?
what helps feed the brain during low carbs
ketone bodies
a persons genetics ensures their weight
what determines weight is gained by fat or muscle
the between mean interval is about ___ waking hours 
ketone bodies are
acid compoundsderived from fat
what directly controls basal metabolism
can excess protein be converted to fat
diet plans for weight loss should not inclue
skipping meals
wast circumfrence is an indicator of central obesity 
how do you successfully lose wegiht?
realistic goals
what is not part of basal metabolism
sitting and walking
fat is the most satiating of the three energy nutrients
diets with 8-- less cals are not foor for losing weight
good weight loss can increase rapid health
people who succesfuly lose weight over time
eat breakfast every dayeat high fiber foods
what is the reccomended grams of cards a day 
you should advice a gastric patient to
eat small portions chew slow and fully
kathy weighs 140 lbs and has a body mass of 28. what is she
over weight
john has a BMI of 31. he is 
obese, class 1
how to gain wight properly
exerciseeat a high cal diet
she loses wight by then gains it back. what diet should she do
low calorie diet
sarah is bragging about losting 10 lbs in 1 week. what do you say 
the weight loss is probs body fluid changes
to speed up basal metabloic rate, what to do
endurance and strength building exercise