Chapter 8 Statistics

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Chapter 8 Statistics

Statistics - Informed Decisions Using Data

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Statistical Inference
A statement using inormation from a sample to draw conclusions about a population.
Sampling distributuion of the sample
Is the prob. distrib. of all possible values of the random variable x computed from a sample size n from a pop. w/mean u & standard deviation o.
Law of Large Numbers
As additional observations are added to the sample, the difference between the sample mean, x, and the population mean u approaches zero.
Standard error of the mean
the standard deviation of the sampling distribution of x.
Central Limit Theorem
Regardless of the shape of the pop., the sampling distrib.of x becomes approx. normal as the size n increases.
The Shape of the Sampling Distr. of x If X is Normal
If a random variable X is normally distributed, the distrb. of the sample mean, x, is normally distibuted.
Exponential Density Function
What is used to conclude the sampling distribution of x, in a histogram
Shape Center Spread
Sample Proportion
Is a statistic that estimates the population proportion,p.
Sampling Distribution of p
For a simple random sample size n such that n 0.05N(that is sample size is less than or equal to 5% of the pop. size.)