Chapter 8 Nails

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Chapter 8 Nails

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The nail is an appendage of the skin and is part of what system?
The water content of the natural nail directly affects the nail's
The portion of living skin on which the nail plate sits is the
Nail bed
The nail bed is supplied with many nerves and is attached to the nail plate with a thin layer of tissue called the
Bed Epithelium
The part of the nail where the natural nail is formed is the
The visible part of the matrix that extends underneath the living skin is called
The most visible and functional part of the nail module is the
Nail plate
The nail plateis constructed of how many layers of nail cells?
The dead, colorless tissue attached to the nail plate that is responsible for preventing entry of foreighn material and microorganisms is the
The living skin at the base of the nail plate covering the matrix area is the
The slightly thickened layer of skin that lies underneath the free edge of the nail plate is the 
The fibrous tissues that connect the nail bed and the matrix to the underlying bone are
Specialized ligaments
The portion of the natural nail plate that extends over the fingertip or toes is called the
Nail body
Natural nails will continue to grow provided what part of the nial is healthy and undamaged?
The nail that grows the fastest is on the
Index finger
The average rate of nail growth in the normal adult is about
1/8 inch per month
Ordinarily, replacement of the natural nail takes about
4 to 6 months
The nail that grous the slowest is on the
Little finger
Normal, healthy nails grow in a veriety of shapes, depending upon the shape of the