Chapter 7 Nutrition: Concepts And Controversies

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Chapter 7 Nutrition: Concepts And Controversies

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how many classes of vitamins are there 
what is not a charactersitic of fat soulable vitamins
they are easily secreted 
what is not a charactersitic of fwater soulable vitamins
the easily build up for toxins
a vitamin A precurson 
is called beta-carotene is found in plants
what is not a good source for beta carotene
red cabbage
the vitamin D deficiency disease in children is known as 
people who are exposed to the sun make vitamin D from 
Vitamin E exerts an espically important antioxidant effect in the 
the DRI for vitamin E is _____ mg a day for adults
vitamin K deficiencies may occur in 
new born infantspeople who have taken antibiotics
the niacin deficiency disease is known as 
of all the vitamins, ____, is most likely to interact with medications
what amount of vitamin C is need to prevent scurvy 
10 mg
whati s needed for proportional to protein intake
vitamin B6
addication to alcohol can cause a defiency in 
vitamin B12 is naturally occuring in
where is survy not found in the US
breast fed infants
between 3 and 10 million of the childrens world suffers from 
vitamin A deficiency 
what is the best supplement 
one that provides in amounts smaller or close to your recomended amount
to preserve the vitamin C content of a fresh veggie you wuold
leave it as whole as possiblecook it quickly
what is the womens adult DRI intake recommendation for vitamin C
what is an anti-infective vitamin?
what shouldn't be eaten on a daily basis cause it can cause toxicity?
vitamin D is the most...
potentionally toxic of all vitamins
diseases of the liver, gallbladder, and pacrease are likely to result in deficency of 
vitamin E
if you see a flash of bright liight at night, what would you say?
your eyes are well nourished and normal
a jar of carrots to the infant every day could cause risk of 
having his skin turn yellow
which of the following would have the lowest need for vitamin A?
a child
you friend shows symptoms of appetite loss, nausea, vomiting, increase uriniation and calcium deposites. What supplements has your friend been taking
vitamin D
 what would be safe from getting vitamin D deficiency 
an adult who eats cereal with milk every day 
an athlete who comsumes a high protein diet would increased need for 
vitamin B6
you are reading the labels of four vitamin supplements and seeo ne of the words or symbols listen below on each label. Which one would you choose?