Chapter 3 - Integumentary System - Therapeutic Terms

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Therapies And Therapeutic Drugs Used To Treat Skin Conditions, Diseases, And Cancers

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treatment of malignancies, infections, and other diseases with chemical agents that destroy selected cells or impair their ability to reproduce
radiation therapy
treatment of neoplastic disease using ionizing radiation to deter the proliferation of malignant cells
use of [hardening] agents in treating diseases (e.g., injection of a saline solution into a dilated blood vessel tumor in the skin, resulting in hardening of the tissue within and eventual sloughing away of the lesion)
ultraviolet therapy
use of UV light to promote healing of a skin lesion (e.g., an ulcer)
a drug that temporarily blocks transmission of nerve conduction to produce a loss of sensations (e.g., pain)
a drug that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms
a drug that kills or prevents the growth of fungi
a drug that blocks the effects of histamine in the body
a regulating body substance released in excess during allergic reactions, causing swelling and inflammation of tissues (e.g., in urticaria [hives], hay fever, etc.)
a drug that reduces inflammation
a drug that relieves itching
an agent that inhibits the growth of infectious microorganisms