Chapter 2 Sociology

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Chapter 2 Sociology

Chapter 2  

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What are are the primary means of communication? (4)
1)Social or shared posts 2)Social or shared future 3) Exchange of perspectives 4) Engaging in complex, shared, goal-directed behavior
What are the 12 core values identified by the sociolgist Robin Williams?? (HA SPEED FIRM)
Humanatirianism Activity and Work   Science and Technology Progress Effieciency and Practicality Equality Democracy   Freedom Individualism Racism and Group Superiority Material Comfort  
Cultural Lag?
is William Ogburns term for situations where the material cultural change came first and nonmaterial lags behind.
What are the Four Interrelated Core Values? (LPSY)
Leisure Physical Fitness Self-fulfillment Youthfullness
 Expectations or rules of begavior that reflect and enforce values. They vary in their importancy of culture. Three different Types: 1)Followays-norms not strictly enforce (passin on left side of sidewalk)
2)Mores-norms believed to be essential to coure values (stealing, tape) 3)Taboo-Norms strongly ingrained (incest)
Norms not strictly enforced (passing on left side of sidewalk)
Norms strongly ingrained (incest)
Norms believed to be essential to core vales (stealing, rape)
Moral Holiday?
Specific times when people are allowed to break norms (mardi gras)
Moral Holiday Places?
Locations where norms are expected to be broken.
Groups whoes values and behaviors are so distinct they are set apart from the dominant culture.
Are groups whoes values set their members in opposition to the dominant culture.
Ideal Culture?
Refers to the ideal values and norms of a people (utopia)
The standards by which people define what is desirable, or undesiarable, good or bad, beautiful or ugly.
A system of symbols that can be joined in many ways to continue.
Judging others by our own beliefs.
Cultural Relativism?
Trying to appreciate other groups way of life without passing judgment.
"Cultural Shock"?
Meeting others from a different culture.
Material Culture?
Jewelery, art, etc.
Nonmaterial Culture?
Groups way of thinking and common patterns of behavior.
Defined as the language, beliefs, values, norms, behaviors, and even material object passed rom one generation to the next.