Chapter 15 - Darwin

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Chapter 15 - Darwin

Review For Chapter 15 Of Prentice Hall "Dragonfly" Biology Book.

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What was the name of the ship that Darwin sailed around the world.

H.M.S. Beagle
What was Darwin's title on the Beagle?

Who is the "Father of Biology"?

Charles Darwin
Who is the "Father of Geology"?

Charles Lyell
What is any structure or behavior which helps an organism survive in its environment?

What is Evolution?

Change over time.
What is the name of Darwin's book?

On the Origin of Species by Natural Selection
What is a Scientific Theory?

Well tested explanation for a broad set of observations.
What was the name of the islands that influenced Darwin?

Who proposed the Theory of Use & Disuse?

Jean-Baptiste Lamarck.
What is "fitness"?
Ability of an organism to sruvive & reproduce in its specific environment.
What is the gene pool?
All the genes of all members of a particular population.
What is a vestigial structure?
A structure in an organism which is reduced in size and non-functional.
What is a homologous structure?
Structures which are similar in structure, but different in function.
What is an analagous structure?
Structures that are similar in function, but different in structure.
What is a behavioral adaptation?
Any behavior that helps an organism survive in its specific environment.
What is a structural adaptation?
Any structure which helps an organism survive in its environment.
What is the "Struggle for Existence"?
Members of species compete to get food, living space and other necessities for life.
What is natural variation?
Differences among individuals of a species.
Who wrote the essay that had the same conclusions as Darwin?
Alfred Russel Wallace