Chapter 14 Personal Selling, Sales Mgmt, Direct Mktg

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Chapter 14 Personal Selling, Sales Mgmt, Direct Mktg

Chapter 14

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personal selling
co representative interacts directly with a customer or prospective customer to communicate about a good or service
order taker
salesperson who processes transactions the customer initiates
technical specialist
contributes expertise in form of product demonstrations, recommendations for complex equipment, and setup of machinery , provides sales support rather than closing the sale
missionary salesperson
a salesperson who promotes the firm and tries to stimulate demand for a product but does not actually complete a sale
new business salesperson
salesperson responsible for finding new customers and calling on them to present company’s products
order getter
salesperson who works to develop long term relationships with particular customers or to generate new sales
team selling
consist of salesperson, technical specialist, others who handle the sales function

transactional selling
hard sell tactics that focus on making an immediate sale with little or no attempt to develop a relationship with the customer
relationship selling
- involves securing, developing, maintaining  long term relationships with profitable customers à develop mutually satisfying, win-win relationship with customer
creative selling process
process of seeking out potential customers, analyzing needs, determining how product attributes might provide benefits for customer and then communicating that information
identifying and developing a list of potential or prospective customers
dev information about prospective customers/planning sales interview, §  Consider prior purchase history, current needs, learn about personal interests
salesperson tries to learn more about the customer’s needs, create a good impression, and build rapport
sales presentation
salesperson directly communicates the value proposition (benefits of the product over the competition) to the customer and invites two way communication,  Invite the customer’s involvement à ask questions, give feedback, discuss  needs
decision stage in which salesperson asks the customer to buy product
follow up
   activities after sale that provide important services to the customer, Include delivery, payment, and purchase terms, Allows the salesperson to bridge to the next purchase
sales management
planning, implementing, controlling personal selling function of an org
sales territory
set of customers (usually defined by geographic boundaries) for whom a salesperson is responsible for
direct marketing
any direct communication to a consumer or bus recipient to generate a response (order, a request for further information, and/or a visit to a store) for purchase of product
a collection of products consisting of product descriptions and photos (book)
direct mail
brochure or pamphlet that offers a specific g/s at one point in time
selling directly to consumers and bus customers over the telephone
direct response advertising
allows consumers to respond to a msg by immediately contacting the provider to ask questions or order the product
direct response TV
advertising on TV that seeks a direct response including short commercials of less than two mins, 30 minute or longer infomercials, home shopping
half hour or hour commercials that resemble a talk show but are sales pitches
m-commerce (mobile commerce)
promotional and e-commerce activities transmitted over mobile phones and other mobile devices
last objection close
asks the customer to buy if all concerns are addressed
assumptive or minor points close
asks the customer details about their purchase
standing room or buy now close
the offer is good for a certain period and the customer should act with urgency so that they don’t miss the opportunity  
quota bonus plan
salary plus bonus if sales exceed an assigned quota
straight commission plan
based solely on percentage of sales the person closes
commission with draw plan
earnings come from commission plus a regular payment/draw that may be charged against future commissions if current sales are inadequate 
straight salary plan
salesperson is paid a set amount regardless of sales performance