Chapter 14: Muscles Of The Trunk

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Chapter 14: Muscles Of The Trunk

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Which is the more superior muscle, the rhomboideus major or the rhomboideus  minor?
Rhomboideus minor
What is the action of the serratus anterior muscle?
abducts scapula
What is the action of the rhomboideus muscles?
adducts scapula
How does the serratus anterior function as an antagoinist to the rhomboideus muscles?
adducts and rotates shoulder
How does the action of the rectus abdominis differ from that of the other abdominal muscles?
It flexes the trunk
What is the physical relationship of the intercostal muscles to each other?
inhilation, exhilation
Compression of the abdominal wall occurs by what four muscles?
external abdominal oblique, inernal abdominal oblique, transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis
Extension and rotation of the vertebral column occur by what group of muscles?
erector spinae
What muscle is responsible for most of the air inhaled during relaxed breathing?
diaphragm 60%external intercostals 40%
What is the action of the intercostal muscles?
elevates ribs, depresses ribs
What muscle inserts on the centeral tendon?
Abduction of the scapula occurs by what muscle?
serratus anterior
The tendinous intersections are found in what muscle?
rectus abdominous
Flexion of the vertebral column occurs by what abdominal muscle?
rectus abdominous
What is the deepest abdominal muscle?
Transverse abdominous
What is the origin of the rhomboideus major muscle?
spines of T2-5