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Closed Abdominal Injuries
Injuries to the abdomen that occur as a result of a direct blow from a blunt object. There is no break in the skin
Closed chest injury
An injury to the chest in which the skin is not broken; usually due to blunt trauma.
Flail Chest
A condition that occurs when several ribs in the same area are broken in more than one place.
Open abdominal Injuries
Injuries to the abdomen that include penentrating wounds and protroding organs.
Open Chest Injury
An injury to the chest in which the chest wall itself is penetrated by an external object such as a bullet or knife.
Protruding Organ Injury
A severe injury to the abdomen in which the internal organs escape protrude from the wound; evisceration.
Sucking Chest Wound
A chest wound that allows air to pass into the chest cavity with each breath.
Closed Fracture
A fracture in which there is no wound in the overlaying skin.
A painful spasm of a muscle.
A grating sound heard and the sensation felt when the fracture ends of a bone rub together.
A break or rupture in a bone.
Open Fracture
A fracture exposed to the exterior; an open wound lies over the fracture.
A trauma to a joint that injures the ligaments